Hated my Peg37. The shoe is very durable and traction is good. What is new is the more responsive ride that feels futuristic when compared to Cushlon. User score 13 user reviews 6 user reviews. The upper ventilates well but retains moisture for longer than other mesh constructions. The Nike Air Zoom Structure 23 shares nothing in common with its predecessor, The Nike Air Zoom Winflo 7 gives runners an affordable, trusted, specialist, The Nike Tempo Next% is supposed to be the replacement for the Pegasus Turbo 2, The Saucony Ride 13 expands the well-received line of Ride shoes, bringing a, The Saucony Endorphin Speed is perhaps the best overall shoe in which I've ran, The Nike Downshifter 10 stands out from Nike’s running shoe line up due to, I even found it better on trails than the WildHorse. Expert score. I would not describe the ride as bouncy but snappy and certainly more lively than before especially as faster speeds. The tongue of the shoe has uses a bit less padding and is fully gusseted holding it comfortably in place and kept debris out. Brilliant! Your consent remains valid for 6 months unless you withdraw it. The midsole is all new, with springy React foam instead of Cushlon ST and a forefoot air unit—a pocket of air within the midsole. That consistency remains the same even today with the Pegasus, and is a shoe I will turn to when I’m questioning others because I know exactly what to expect. If you are a Zoomfly fan, the Pegasus 37 … Nike has kept the tapered, elf ear, heel collar that didn’t feel very secure. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, The Best Black Friday Deals on Treadmills, Stocking Stuffers and Surprise Gifts for Runners, 9 Black Friday Deals on Wireless Running Earbuds, Treadmills That Make Running Inside Better, Tested: The Best Wireless Earbuds for Runners. Loved my 35’s, 36’s were ok but sold the 37’s on eBay after 40 miles – not a fan at all. Not working for me. Thicker midsole, now with React foam, provides bottomless cushioning, Forefoot air unit delivers springy toe-off. I fear they have made these in to a racer feel shoe instead of a all rounder like the rest of the pegs, lucky I’ve still got a couple of 36s and one pair of 35s react and turbos to run in I’m thinking of going back to kinvaras. The front loaded Zoom units were really noticeable particularly when running down hill. It’s still early and there will be more shoes to test, but right now the Pegasus 37 is most certainly going to be a “daily trainer of the year” front runner. Verdict. I have pegasus turbo 2 and nike zoom fly 3, both size 9. Versatile consistent cushion for long runs, tempos and intervals. While React foam has been been around for several years it is new to the Pegasus. The Pegasus 37 has it. Weight. More than 60,000 runners have prepared for their 5K, 10K, Half and full marathons with our free training plans. Feels very heavy and stiff. Hi, This web site uses cookies. Compared to the Turbo 2 the 37 feels bad. Heel counter lacks support causing heel slippage. True to form, the Pegasus 37 has a narrow fit. The Nike Pegasus 35 is 36 Percent Off Right Now, Nike’s Pegasus 35 Shield Slays on Bad-Weather Runs, Nike’s Pegasus 35 Shield Keeps You Dry This Winter. I tried the men’s version (10.5), little bit hard on forefoot, inflexible tight forefoot , air zoom uncomfortable give it 3 stars. The cushion is plush and there is lots of it, but the shoe is quite heavy and bulky. The tall React midsole gives the shoe a similar profile to the Zoom Fly, and the Pegasus 37 does deliver a similar sensation of running atop springy, responsive foam. Click Accept to continue. At the rear, you get an upturned collar with extra padding behind the Achilles, helping keep your heel stuck to the footbed. They are not bad, but they feel clunky. As is the case for myself and many others I found the forefoot a little narrow/tight; However, the mesh of the upper seems to have saved the day , and after about the first 10 miles the toe box opened up a bit making it tolerable. The Pegasus 37 is a reliable daily trainer … I understand why some users claiming of the heel slip. I have the exact same problem, no solution from me, but I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has experienced or solved this. And we can report that the update is a great one, subtly improving on an already excellent all-rounder without putting a foot wrong. The tongue is great, friendly with tibialis anterior tendon. The resulting shoe hits a sweet spot that so many trainers strive for. Analytical cookies: after 50 kilometers the matter is the same .Squeezing the little toes, so that my shoes resented.It is a pity to pay for the agony of running. Every month we give away a pair of running shoes to a lucky reader! Tracking cookies may have an impact on your privacy. I really feel that the switch to React foam has created quite possibly the greatest Pegasus that I have run in. Price: $120Style: RoadWeight: 9.7 oz (M) 7.8 oz (W)Drop: 10mmBuy Men’s Buy Women’s More Images, When Nike puts out a new Pegasus, the brand’s longest-running trainer, you had better believe a lot of thought went into it—especially now that the company has made 37 versions.

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