He is known for his genius style dueling, his considerable duel skill, and his cool and clever personality. The prideful Yusei relinquishes his dignity and begs for mercy. This is made obvious during his duels, as he regularly visualizes card flowcharts in his mind in order to devise his strategies. Yusei is forced into a duel where he is shock upon losing lifepoints, Yusei duels Trudge while escaping after stealing back his duel runner, Yusei duels against Leo and his morphtronics deck in the Tops Area of Neo Domino, Hunter interrupted the Fortune Cup and engaged in a turbo duel with Yusei, Yusei faced off with Akiza and her Black Rose deck during the Fortune Cup Finals, Yusei falls on his hands and knees, begging for mercy after a humiliating defeat by Akiza. 2. When the Killer Whale geoglyph appears, Yusei finds Crow dueling against Greiger, who is now a Dark Signer. Yusei Fudo is the calm and collected protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! Greg Abbey Relative. Mina shows Akiza and Yusei information regarding the Arcadia Movement and Sayer's true motives, involving the abduction of children to create an army of Psychic Duelists. - In the Japanese version, Yusei's criminal mark was added by a laser, causing him to scream in pain. He quickly subdues Yusei and throws him into the cage with Mina. Yusei Fudo Age. Sherry believed that Yliaster is behind all this and that they are being targeted because they are the Signers, which everyone is shocked to hear that Sherry knows about. LIMIT OVER ACCEL SYNCHRO! He observes from up on a cliff where he meets Barbara who explains the history of the city. He uses a red Bike-themed Duel Disk called a Duel Runner. Yusei Fudo was born on a unknown date and year in the Tops area of New Domino City. The next day Yusei notices his mark glowing, signaling him that Luna's dueling. After a night of construction he completed the board for him. 2. However, a bomb explodes and another bomb threat is issued, causing an evacuation of the building, but Yusei and Bruno become unable to escape. After his arrest, Yusei was scarred with a large mark on the left side of his face that signified his criminal record, and was sent to the Facility, where he met Tenzen Yanagi. Synchro Summon! He celebrated their first victory with his teammates when Sherry arrived to discuss what had happened to them up until now. Yusei Fudo Age. At the end of the series, Yusei turned 20. Japanese Voice Actor. Series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Yusei runs away after Security appears to examine the damage caused by the Shadow Duel. While Jack was absent, Yusei talked with Greiger, who realized that he was used by The Crimson Devil. The four wake up on the shore shortly after the event. After Jack is unable to duel, Yusei has his Life Points reduced to 1. Disgusted at Yanagi's poor dueling and his cards, Tanner stamps on the cards, despite their sentimental value to Yanagi. Male First Appearance. During the WRGP arc, Yusei does showcase some arrogance, such as during his duel with Andore and Jean. Dr. Fudo named his son Yusei after the Planetary Particle (Yusei Ryushi), as he had wished for Yusei to be able to connect other people with long lasting bonds. Age: 18 (first season), 19 (third season) Birthday: July 7 Height: 175 cm Weight: 58 kg Yuusei is a new and main character in this series. "Let's rev it up!" To avenge Rally's sacrifice, Yusei swears the Dark Signers will be defeated with everything he has. Yusei was able to pick up Television signals from New Domino City. He is very confident during his duels, as shown that he is usually sure of his victories and almost never second guess or waver upon a choice. Inside, Mina is locked in a cage below. Goodwin says that those bearing the mark of the Crimson Dragon and the Earthbound Immortals' servants, the Signers and Dark Signers have been battling for 5,000 years.

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