Take control of your garden or lawn with this Victor Mole Trap. The Victor Mole trap was not stock in any store in the Portland, OR. I have purchased the two best rated mole traps, the Victor out O'sight 0631, and the Wire Tek 1001. In each case the moles tunneled around the traps … I ordered them on line and they were at my store in less than 1 week. The Victor Mole Trap … You can kill moles without poisons or harsh chemicals with this re-usable effective trap. This trap … I set the traps according to the instructions in several different locations during a three weeks period. The trap should be placed in a tunnel and covered with dirt to lure the mole. Use this trap to effectively kill moles without the use of poisons or harsh chemicals. I will also tell you … This Victor Out O-Sight Mole Trap has iron “jaws” that chokes the mole to death. Moles travel in tunnels and dig through root systems which weakens plants, grass, irrigation systems, and more in the yard. Victor Mole Trap Say Goodbye to Moles It is time to take control of your garden or lawn with the Victor Mole Trap. This device is perfect for people who want a sturdy and reliable trap. The mole will want to re-open the hole and become trapped in the process. area or S.W. Very quick to get them. Washington.

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