I saw that a lot of people complained that the plastic legs broke off- follow the instructions and saturate the ground where you'll be placing this. }; If they were made of ALL METAL they would last a long time. Overall, though, I was able to trip it fairly easily (not that I know exactly how to simulate a mole toddling through a tunnel), and unless you have a dog or child that can't resist digging it appears to be very safe. I tried smoke and other traps but they didn't work. You need to find active mole tunnels for this trap to get activated. 4,666 reviews scanned The 10 Best Mice Traps 4,734 reviews scanned ... Victor M9015 Deadset Mole Trap, Black 9.3 8.8 9.4 4 (6 Pack Traps) FPS 2405 galvanized Steel Mole Eliminator trap NEW SALE // ]]>,