The large black nail on the bill though looks to be too extensive for a Scaup and matches Tufted Duck. Female and immature hybrids typically lack the white bill base, except in those between lesser scaup and ring-necked duck, where the white extends to the eye region. Scaup are diving ducks with a very strong resemblance to Tufted Ducks. Refer to the following table for measurements of the tufted duck: Tufted duck measurements Measurement Male Female Range of mass 753-1026.2 g 629-906.8 g Average of mass 889.6 g 768.3 … Scaup occur mostly in small parties and occasionally larger flocks around coastal estuaries and bays, on brackish lagoons and in shallow marine waters, usually less than 10 m in depth. Thanks to Bruce Mactavish of St. John's, Newfoundland, for commenting on the identity … It had a dark back contrasting with white sides, and a peaked head with a short tuft on top at back of head. Larger than a Green-winged Teal, smaller than a Canvasback. This group is not for domestic birds (usually ducks) which are crosses between different domestic breeds - they are the same species and so do not count as hybrids. Otherwise, you would die of boredom while looking at their blue bills. The Scaup breeds on remote moors and tundra mostly in Scandinavia. Here is a bird that I presume to be Scaup x Tufted Duck, although I am not certain. Scaup are the biggest of our three Aythya diving duck species, being bulkier and marginally longer than pochard and tufted duck. DESCRIPTION: The Lesser Scaup is a North American small diving duck, measuring some 45 cm (18 in.) Tommy Thompson Park on 6 March 2016. Certainly looks different to the other Scaup-faced Tufted Ducks on the reservoir (below). The Scaup is primarily a sea duck but during the winter, especially in rough weather, it can often be found feeding in freshwater pools near the sea. Head profile and the pale patch on the cheek are strong Scaup features. The female Scaup has a very thick white-scaly region around the beak. Female mostly brown with prominent white feathering at base of bill (more white than most female Tufted Ducks), and often a pale cheek patch (sometimes missing in winter plumage). Males appear black and white at a distance. The breeding male (drake) has a slightly iridescent black head, a black neck and breast, and rump. Large rounded head with no hint of tuft. Scaup had higher food intake rates at low mussel densities than Tufted Duck, but intake rates seemed unaffected at densities higher than ca. I found this Tufted Duck (foremost) feeding along Chignik River shore ice along with a Ring-necked drake and three female scaup (probably Greater Scaup). It resembled a Scaup but = was missing some of the field marks. They have black heads with a green gloss, blackish breasts and rear end, with contrasting pale grey back and white sides. The bill also had a broad dark tip, suggesting Tufted Duck influence. In fact, the most fun you can have looking at scaup is trying to find a Tufted Duck in their midst. Very similar to Lesser Scaup; note smoothly rounded head without tall peak, puffier cheeks, more extensive white stripe on wing in flight, and larger, broader bill. Greyish bill with white subterminal band. The Tufted Duck was in the large flocks of scaup on Lake Ontario at Cliff Lumsdon Park. long. Artificial wildfowl nestbox designs . The tufted duck is one of the species to which the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds applies. The more northerly of our two scaup species, the Greater is also found across northern Europe and Asia. 23:59. Tufted Duck x Lesser Scaup was the suggested ID for the following bird on the other side of the Atlantic (Tufted Ducks are vagrants among Lesser Scaup in North America while Lesser Scaups are vagrants among Tufted Ducks in Europe, so the hybrid is just as likely to occur on either continent). White-winged ducks from Moluccan islands. (Ref: Collins Bird Field Guide) The Male Scaup in Summer is a much browner bird, it's back is a more subtle grey, it's flanks are brown and it's head is black-brown. From the small peak, the back of the head and neck is flat, not rounded as it is on Greater Scaup. Aythya novaeseelandiae is related to the Palearic tufted duck Aythya fuligula, and the Holarctic true scaups, A. marila and A. affinis (Johnsgard 1965). crow-sized Measurements . Also, the Scaup male has a green head where the tufted duck has an almost black/dark purple color. The adult breeding male Scaup has a head which looks black but actually has a green gloss and is more rounded than in Tufted Duck and also lacks the crest. Description. 100 gFM m(-2), which is similar to giving-up densities observed in the field. A phylogenetic analysis of the diving ducks, examining the skeletal anatomy and skin, found that the greater and lesser scaups are each other's closest relatives, with the tufted duck as the next closest relative of the pair. Next Event. Not sure how much of a deal breaker any blue on the bill is? I live quite close to the Forth Estuary, which is known for Scaup, but do see many tufted ducks on my local loch. They have white flanks, (like Tufted Duck), but can easily be distinguished by the grey back. Relative Size. Click image to enlarge. Here, black-and-white males and chocolatey-brown females bob along on the waves. Bill grey with much smaller, narrow, black nail than Tufted Duck. During winter, location can be a deciding factor. Adult male Tufted Duck at Rotary Peace Park in Etobicoke, Toronto on 23 December 2017. This is a group for hybrid birds. I consulted with Ian McLaren and = he thinks it might be a Tufted x Scaup hybrid.=20 Visitors to the area looking for the Tufted Duck should keep their eyes = open for this hybrid amongst the Scaup that the Tufted Duck is hanging = around with.

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