It’s only major disadvantage is the restraining nature of armor. Also, the Beast Titan has strength like the Attack Titan, he was able to crack Reiner's thick armour. The Season 2 premiere introduced a new type of Titan, the Beast Titan, and said goodbye to humanity’s second strongest soldier, Miche Zacharius. I can't really give a definitive relative ranking between the two, but it hard to determine which one's stronger at this point. With the new Teen Titans show, entitled"Titans being release on DC Comics' new streaming platform, it feels like the ideal time to delve into their world a little bit.Although the series may not live up to the expectations of the fans, it certainly appears to be a departure from DC's current slate of projects. On top of the strength and might of an already powerful Titan, this entity can receive and interpret memories of its past incarnations, as well as memories of future events.These memories direct the actions of the Attack Titan, pushing it to fight for freedom and justice. The Attack Titan is one of the most vicious and violent Titans around. The Armored Titan is far more athletic than people give it credit for and its strength is said to surpass that of the Attack Titan. Newest Answer Very big spoilers if your aren’t up to date with the manga I will list the top three strongest shifters The strongest titan shifter would be Armin, who currently holds the Colossal Titan. After killing a lot of Titans, Miche encounters the Beast Titan who grabs his horse and hurls it at him. 4) Spinning Slash - Damage increases with distance. 5) Strength +10 6) Consecutive attack 7) Gesture - Discipline. The Beast's abilities are very useful against the Warhammer's. 3) Intensive Cleaning Week buff. To avoid the equine projectile, Miche jumps off the roof, but a nearby Titan catches his leg. 1) Strength +5 2) Mid Air Blade Swap - Exactly as it said, you can renew your broken sword on air and throw the swords on targetted titan parts for high damage, a pretty decent skill.

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