I'm super happy with this pickup. The patented Babicz FCH 3-Point four string bass bridge is a direct drop-in replacement upgrade for a standard Gibson 3-Point bass bridge. muddy. 5 String Vintage Bass Bridge. I've upgraded a MIM Fender P, and I'm thrilled to death with the sound. . ... SuperTone Gibson® Bass Replacement Bridge. Huge, booming, and present - … The bass also had the kill switch removed and replaced with the traditional Thunderbird 2 Volume and 1 Tone black metal knobs. WD® carries only the highest quality replacement bass bridges and tailpieces. Vintage 1965 Gibson EB-3I inherited this from my best friend, Russ, who was the bass player in my band in the late ’60’s. . well . In addition to WD®'s own catalog of replacement bass bridges and tailpieces, we also stock a large variety of bass bridges from industry favorite brands like Kluson®, Wilkinson® Gotoh®, and Hipshot®. The previous owner had the bass hot rodded with an EMG 35CS in the neck position and a EMG 35DC in the bridge position. Posted by Michael Hoepfl on 13th Mar 2017 . Rickenbacker® Replacement Bridge (Pre 2020) 4 String Vintage Bass Bridge. Replacement bridge for Hofner-style guitar. A direct replacement bridge for your Gibson 3-point bass bridge that uses your existing hole pattern. The Babicz double locking eCAM saddle offers full contact to the instruments body...improving tonality and sustain. I'd like to keep the bass passive, so I'm looking for passive pups that fit in a Tbird that provide better clarity and definition … bass guitar, fan-fret, bass bridge, B-bender, guitar bridge, tremolo, bass machine heads, bass tuners, multi-scale, tuners, bridges, headless, vibrato, hardware. My usual bass to play live is a Fender American Deluxe Precision. . Unfinished rosewood with nickel adjustment wheels. Bass bridge for Gibson® 3-point with hardware, Nickel, 3-11/32" stud spacing. (He’s the blonde Viking in the promo photo ) When the band broke up in 1970 Russ quit music and became a woodworker. Machined out of solid aircraft-quantity aluminum, the Hipshot SuperTone bass bridge features complete adjustability that is easy to use: precise intonation, independent string height, and even side-to-side string spacing adjustment. . Played side-by-side, the Thunderbird just sounds . Direct drop-in replacement for a standard G-Style 3-Point bass bridge Double-locked eCAM saddles provide full contact with the body and improve tonality and sustain Easy to tune and adjust string height

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