These holes only fit the string ferrules Warmoth sells (not all brands of string ferrules are the same size). AP-0087-001. Qty: Fender Original Tele String Guide 2112255 $8.23. $10.99 Spend over $50, Get $20 2-Day Shipping! Thread starter jetattblue; Start date Jun 4, 2009; J. jetattblue. The product is great however, if you order a string-through body from AxetremeCreations it will likely come with string ferrules pre-installed. Complete 6 piece set available in Black, Chrome, Gold, or Nickel finishes. Suitable for a Telecaster® and Hardtail Bridges. IG87. This is a Custom hand built Telecaster style guitar I'm building with a Stephen's Extended Cutaway neck. As if I don't already have enough guitars, I've decided to build a "new" Tele from the bare body up. Small Ferrules fitted into the top of a body, eliminating the need for a tail piece, and giving the advantage of stringing through the body of the guitar, bringing in a little more of the woods characteristics into the sound. Quick View Compare Choose Options Add to Wish List. Tele String Ferrules? £5.19 - £5.49. (6) Gotoh nickel vintage style body/string ferrules for guitar. per Piece .1 lb. Flange diameter: 25/64" (9.92mm) Mounting hole required: 5/16" (8mm) Overall depth: 11/32" (8.73mm) Set of 6. ... Gotoh Relic'd Tele String Ferrules (Aged Nickel) O2TAN841. Enter your email address to sign up Used on American and American Standard Series (USA) Strings-Through-Body Telecaster models. Slightly larger then the Ferrules seen on guitars from the USA, Korea and China - with a diameter of 9.5mm, a length of 9.5mm and lacking the characteristic lip of "normal" ferrules - they turn up fairly often on Japanese Fender® Telecaster® guitars, but in all likelihood turn up on other makes and models too. Browse by Sub Category, Tuner Orientation & more, Set of 4 Bass Guitar String Ferrules - Jazz Bass Precision Bass, Set of 4 String Ferrules For Bass Guitar - Jazz Bass Precision Bass, Set of 4 Vintage String Ferrules For Bass Guitar - Jazz Bass Precision Bass, Set of 6 Bullet String Ferrules for Telecaster Electric Guitar, Set of 6 Vintage Knurled Edge String Ferrules for Telecaster Electric Guitar. They initially debuted as a companion part to a set of strings in the mid 70s and more commonly seen on hard tails. The advantages compared to a “string though top” setup are pretty wide ranging, but the main attraction is that they allow the strings movement to resonate more efficiently through the wood of the guitars body, giving a much more honest tone to the sound, really emphasising that classic Tele® snap and twang that has proven so popular in recent decades. Suggestions are welcomed, please contact us! The other end of the tool fits the mini string-thru ferrules used on the tops of some guitars. The Knarled Edge ferrules turn up fairly often on guitar made in the far east rather then in the USA (which seem to use the Smooth edged version with more regularity) - exactly the same principle but the knarlled edge have "teeth" around the barrel section to help them grip the body more efficiently. Set of 6 Vintage Knurled Edge String Ferrules for Telecaster … Brass 5/16" Black Vintage Style Flush Fit Guitar Body String Ferrules for Fender Telecaster Fender Hardtail Stratocaster and other Non-Tremolo Guitars Set of 6. You can choose from … Each end of the tool has an index pin that aligns the ferrule and keeps it square to the guitar body during installation. Silver Supporting Member. This makes for much better string contact with the body allowing more vibration through the guitar, adding sustain, brilliance and improving overall tone. Model #: 0994918000. Ferrules are a fairly basic piece of hardware once you look into them; they are simply small metal “cups” which hold the ball end of the string in place as it is fed through the back of the guitar. Guitar String Ferrule, Gold Sold individually. guitars, amps, pedals, gear, lessons, recording, DIY, music ... putting together a DuoSonic from parts and got to the point where I had to drill the holes in the body for the string-through ferrules. Ordered the Relic Telecaster/Stratocaster String Ferrules for a 50’s Telecaster build I was working on. The ball-end of the guitar string fits nice and snug and almost flush with the end of the ferrule. Set of 6 Bullet String Ferrules for Telecaster Electric Guitar. © Copyright 2020 Northwest Guitars. Top String Ferrules, Set of 6, Black. ... Set of six string ferrules for use with American Vintage and Classic series string-through-body Telecaster … Availability: In Stock. Quantity. You will be presented with a list of items after entering 3 digits, select one of them. for our newsletter. One end of this installation tool fits the large ferrules that hold string ball ends on the back of a guitar. I remembered there was some kind of trick to make sure they all lined up nicely. I guess I've got "project guitar GAS"! +44 (0)1925 407 056 All rights reserved. Drill 1/8" (3.00mm) diameter string holes through the guitar body for all ferrules. Vintage-Style Telecaster® String Ferrules Vintage-Style Telecaster® String Ferrules. Package contains six gold string ferrules. Northwest Guitars. Dimensions: Diameter: 8mm or 5/16" Tall: 9.9mm or 25/64" Inside Diameter: 15/64" or 5.9mm Anyway, I have a new, genuine Fender (MIM) body that is totally unloaded, but painted (black), routed for all the components, and drilled for the neck plate and string ferrules, but not the pickguard or strap buttons.

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