1 TASI lectures: introduction to the AdS/CFT correspondence. Centro de Física do Porto, Universidade do Porto, Portugal Theoretical Physics Department, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. D’Hoker and Freedman’s lectures at TASI 2001 [18] provide encyclopedic detail of supersymmetry in AdS/CFT and higher-point Lecture 5 : Friday June 5: 10:45-12:00 PM: Supersymmetry and the MSSM: Fox, Patrick (Fermilab) Lecture 4 : Friday June 5: 2:00- 3:15 PM: Introduction to extra dimensions: Cheng, Hsin-Chia (Davis) Lecture 1: Monday June 8: 9:00-10:15 AM: Dark Energy. For introductions to the AdS/CFT correspondence you may consult the lectures by O. DeWolfe [9], J. Erdmenger [10], and D. Harlow [11] in this volume, lectures at the earlier TASI schools including [12–14], and the comprehensive review [15]. masters level) students. September 2003. These lecture notes provide a detailed introduction to the bosonic string and conformal field theory, aimed at "Part III" (i.e. Klebanov’s 1999 TASI lectures [17] provide a lot of back-ground on the string/brane systems that led to AdS/CFT, and a nice description of the remarkable holographic system arising from branes at a conifold singularity. This is an introductory review of the AdS/CFT correspondence and of the ideas that led to its formulation. These lectures notes are based on courses given at National Taiwan University, National Chiao-Tung University, and National Tsing Hua University in the spring term of 2015. 1. Although the course was offered primarily for graduate students, these lecture notes have been prepared for a more general audience. TASI 2003 lectures on AdS/CFT Juan Maldacena Institute for Advanced Study Princeton, New Jersey 08540, USA We give a short introduction to AdS/CFT and its plane wave limit. Lectures at TASI '99, Boulder, June 1999; 36 pages, LaTeX; v2: corrected factor of 2 in eq. The 2001 TASI lectures by d’Hoker and Freedman [2] are thorough and detailed, particularly with regard to the constraints from supersymmetry and the conformal algebra, and the calculation of correlation functions. McGreevy’s course notes [3] are similar in approach to my lectures. Besides the gauge theories, the ‘t Hooft large N limit applies to matrix models, such as the They are now also available on the arxiv. (9) and related factors lectures: Boulder 1999/05/30 field theory: anti-de Sitter TASI lectures on AdS/CFT: Author(s) Penedones, Joao (EPFL, Lausanne, FSL ; Porto U. ; CERN) Imprint 17 Aug 2016. Fields and Strings Laboratory, Institute of Physics, EPFL Rte de la Sorge, BSP 728, CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland. David Tong: Lectures on String Theory. This is an introductory review of the AdS/CFT correspondence and of the ideas that led to its formulation. The full set of lectures notes can be downloaded here and weigh in at around 200 pages. This is an introductory review of the AdS/CFT correspondence and of the ideas that led to its formulation. We show how comparison of stacks of D3-branes with corresponding supergravity solutions leads to dualities between conformal large N gauge theories in 4 dimensions and string backgrounds of the form AdS 5 × X 5 where X >5 is an Einstein manifold. Joào Penedones; Joào Penedones. Chapter 2: TASI Lectures on AdS/CFT.

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