Perfect size, not too big. I need to be better at washing my brushes lol. This is also super easy to clean and sterilize itself for time after time! CA, pair with star factor cleansing brush for a deeper clean; obsessed with minis? Salt lake City, It feels great on your skin. Would recommend especially if you have sensitive skin. I thought it was super cute with great reviews. AU, I love this brush cleaning the shape of it, Fillmore, The silicone bristle side is fine to be used beyond that timeframe as long as it is properly cleaned & maintained! I needed a way to clean my brushes and this is super cute. shop goodie grabs ; the sugar on top. Tooele, TX, Quick Shop. Also, with the 5 for $5 each, this is a steal! How stiff are the hairs on this brush? Mexico, I make sure to rinse it, hang mine up and let it dry off. have the tarte squeezy clean face wash...But Will it matter if i use another wash with the it? :) Secondly, it's easy to use, easy to store, and gets the job done. NY, US. Anti-Aging. Seems super cute. Holtsville, I thought it was cute and it's a nice thing to clean brushes with. Yes, I expressly consent to receive emails from Tarte! FR. The cleansing side is so soft, and since it makes products lather so much more, I have to use less product! The cleansing mat itself is great, it’s got little suction cups that keep it in place in the sink, doesn’t slip, and the ridges clean the brushes nicely. Super adorable.It works very well. Price $10.00. US. Just the right amount of firmness to exfoliate. Really like this product. I love this tool! I've been needing to clean my brushes...what a great price! I will continue to use this to wash my face until it falls apart and I need a new one. Personally, I put what I’m using to clean the brushes directly on the brushes and then (gently) scrub the brush on the diamond. Works with anything I've challenged it too! US. Amiens, US, Works great very efficient in removing makeup, El Paso, US. US. New York, Both me and my daughter have this brush and we both really like it. Its only 1 piece. Perfect for cleaning my brushes. The suction cups on the back also help cleanse the brushes (which you should ALWAYS do once a week, a good spray disinfectant helps, but the best is always good old hot water and soap!) CA. I ordered the sugar rush™ brush bestie brush cleansing mat diamond and got it a week ago . US. Poing, Plus the packaging was very cute, item itself looks adorable! I was searching for products that would improve my skin care, Good reviews, want something to make me feel clean yet gentle on my skin, I needed a face brush when washing my face instead of using a wash cloth or my hands, Getting into a skin care routine for my 13 yo daughter. I love this. Here are my thoughts + swatches. it's so quick, so easy, the bristles are super soft, and the brush is easy to clean. Reply. It’s actually pretty soft and gentle on my skin. Livonia , Portland , This little guy does the same thing for 1/10 of the price and honestly I find it less aggressive and better for my skin bc I control how hard I scrub. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Sugar Rush - … Austin , 3 suction cups to adhere to the sink for example! US. when used daily and the dense bristles get wet daily, has anyone had any issue of them getting mildewy...? 5.00 out of 5 stars (2 reviews) Tarte. It is a little smaller than I expected but other than that it works so wonderfully with cleansing my makeup brushes! A suction cup so you can stick it to your sink. I could use one of these plus it's super cute! ULTA Collection. Price $10.00. This cleansing brush is really good, it's soft for the skin and really work for my daily cleansing routine ! Ghent, No. This brush is smaller than expected but I love using this on my skin. I use this cleansing brush daily with my favorite facial cleanser. The witch hazel & lavender extracts will help soothe your skin, leaving you feeling so fresh & so clean. Cedar Springs, I normally add a tiny bit of soap to the rubber bristles first, scrub, and then use the soft bristles to squeeze water as a rinse. Tarte Expert Staff on Apr 1, 2020. Why is this brush out of stock for a long time and is it coming back? Tarte. She was starting to break out and I could tell she wasn't washing her face thoroughly. I feel cute when using this product, and I love the ergonomic design. No- I have really sensitive skin and I found it doesn’t irritate my skin. Found I have had to remove make up prior to using as it didn’t remove everything. If I leave it for a few days it will fall down, but certainly stays in place while I'm using it. Ware, I have no clue how I didn’t own something like this until now, but it worked so well to provide enough friction to really clean my brushes. I’ve had these types of brushes before and loved them...excited to try Tarte’s cute little star brush! Love this cute face cleansing brush! Plus, I've been cleaning it once a week with rubbing alcohol and it hasn't harmed it whatsoever. sugar rush™ brush bestie brush cleansing mat watermelon sugar rush™ brush bestie brush cleansing mat watermelon $10 Available for orders $35+ by ... (SMS and MMS) from Tarte Cosmetics, and I consent to these texts being sent via autodialer to the mobile number I provided above. Korean Skin Care. TX, It’s super cute and I was in need of a brush cleaner ! BEST ANSWER: sugar rush™ brush bestie brush cleansing mat diamond has suction cups on the back to suction to the side of your sink . Excellent brush scrubber. Again... diamonds... nickname... you already know. It has good reviews and I like that it can be hung up so it won’t clutter my shower caddy, Wanted to try this, heard amazing things so far. US, Gets the job done. Chicago, Just sometimes becomes detached from the sink. The bristles are quite soft and dense on the brush side, and create a nice lather with my face cleanser. HI, CHESTERTOWN, Long Island, Makes cleaning my brushes super easy. MX. TX, Irvine, It is definitely a favorite now! NH, CA. Falkirk, The brush is super soft and gentle on your face it's not scratchy at all!!! miami beach, The way the suction back sticks to a flat surface makes it Sooooo much easier to properly wash my brushes. It works so’s crazy and it kind of dosappears in the grooves. Gold Coast,, Needed a cleaning mat. US. It's cute and effective. Cannot wait to use it!! I have a very sensitive skin and this brush cleans my face in a soft way. Just a dime size of product and I’m good to clean my face. Latrobe , US. Sugar rush. It looks like it will get in the pores!! This double-sided star-shaped brush gently removes dead skin, oil & bacteria leaving your face lookin’ hella clean. US, sometimes washing your brushes by hand just doesn't get them clean, but with this, my brushes have never been cleaner!

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