It is a pretty, spreading tree with double flowers of pale pink. Blossoms: double; white, fading to pink As the name suggests, the autumn flowering cherry blooms during an unusual season. 10m. Prunus 'Takasago' blossom. Locations to view the beautiful trees are the pedestrian passage of Chilco Street between Comox and Nelson Street, and in front of The Barn Coffee Shop at UBC. In the UK, Batsford Arboretum, near Moreton-in-Marsh, holds an extensive Plant Heritage collection of Japanese cherry blossom trees. Its name, which translates as the imperial yellow costume, refers to the delicate, creamy-white colour of its blossom, which resembles the greenish-yellow court robes worn in the emperor’s palace. The Japanese celebrate the arrival of the cherry blossom every year with a blossom festival or sakura matsuri. There is nothing quite as uplifting as a branch of cherry blossom silhouetted against a spring sky. 3m. Most Shirotae trees in Vancouver are quite small. The largest tree that I am aware of is located at the corner of 13th Avenue and Fir Street. Japanese cherry trees have been planted at Batsford since the 1960s, so the garden boasts a large collection displayed to perfection on the south-facing slope. It looks similar to the Whitcomb Cherry and is also one of the earliest flowering cherry trees in Vancouver, about one to two week behind the schedule of the Whitcomb Cherry. Most flower in April, when many magnolias are out too, and they tolerate the sticky Batsford clay well – although it does reduce their heights. There are a few specimen along Blenheim Street around 38th Avenue and along Burrard Street between 1st Avenue and Cornwall Avenue. For a complete guide to Vancouver’s Japanese… Every year many make pilgrimages to iconic trees, planted in famous temple gardens or besides ancient castles, and picnic beneath them to view their blossom – a tradition known as hanami. Blooming: mid April to early May RHS H6. Kanzan trees can be found all over the city. Its rose-pink, very double flowers last longer than most, beginning in early May. By entering your details, you are agreeing to Gardens Illustrated terms and conditions. Takasago Cherry Prunus x sieboldii. The Takasago Cherry is a yae-zakura (blossoms with more than 5 petals) flowering in April. The leaves are simple with serrated edges. Please note that the list is incomplete and that scientific accuracy is not guaranteed. These are planted in an oriental setting complete with authentic Japanese rest house and traditional bridge. The first blossoms which are dark pink open as early as late January and full bloom is around middle of March. Blossoms: single; white Ornamental Japanese cherry trees are one of the delights of spring with their clouds of blossom. Its large, very white blossoms (over 20 petals) do not open until the end of April and early May. The cherry tree flowers are also touched with cerise and green so it’s sometimes sold as ‘Tricolor’. It can be found mostly along streets, for example, at Beach Avenue between Cardero and Nicola Street, at 38th Avenue and Blenheim Street or Chestnut Street close to the Vancouver Museum. AGM. Frequency: very few trees in Vancouver. Blooming: October to March Some great places to view Yoshino cherry trees are at the West entrance of Queen Elizabeth Park, the Rose Garden of Stanley Park, Burrard Skytrain Station and at UBC Lower Mall just south of Nitobe Garden as well as one large specimen inside of Nitobe Garden. Blossoms: double; pure white This pink cherry blossom has a hint of apricot to its flowers. The Shirotae Cherry (also called Mount Fuji Cherry) is a yae-zakura with large, very white blossoms and bright green leaves that appear at the same time as the blossoms. Frequency: quite a few trees in Vancouver. Frequency: very many trees in Vancouver. Colours up to orange in autumn and could be grown in a container. There are quite a few Shidare-zakura in Vancouver, however, most of them are small and located in private gardens. Its light-pink buds, which open to white flowers, are sometimes likened to little ballerinas. RHS H6. Many species are deciduous and will bloom in the spring; they produce scented 5-petalled, pink or white flowers. USDA 8a-9a. Batsford, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire GL56 9QB. Small, umbrella shaped tree with a mass of single white, bell-shaped flowers opening from green buds. Frequency: relatively rare in Vancouver. Blossoms: about 10 petals; pink The Shogetsu Cherry is one of the latest flowering Japanese cherry tree types in Vancouver. Introduced in 1914, it’s similar to the larger-flowered ‘Ukon’. Japanese cherry blossom trees, known in Japan as sakura, are among the most beautiful of blossom-bearing trees although they bear no fruit to speak of. Plant expert Val Bourned selects some favourites from the collection at Batsford Arboretum. An outstanding Royal collection, containing lacquer work created by some of the most acclaimed artists to emerge in Japan during the Edo and Meiji Periods, on view before the sale on 7th November. The green foliage also has attractive bright-red stems. The Takasago Cherry is a yae-zakura (blossoms with more than 5 petals) flowering in April. TAKASAGO has published a paper entitled "The ... suborder Sternorrhyncha, which are also known as an insect pest infesting various fruit trees including citrus families. AGM. A small, elegant cherry blossom tree with spreading branches that dangle cup-shaped, pink blossom amid pale-green, serrated foliage. The Whitcomb Cherry is related to the Autumn Flowering Cherry and is the earliest spring flowering cherry tree that I am aware of in Vancouver. They all bloom between February and May. Frequency: very few trees in Vancouver. 5m. Prunus serrulata Takasago. Sep 7, 2016 - Here are 10 of the best Japanese ornamental cherry trees in Vancouver. Bonhams, New Bond Street, London, UK. Frequency: few trees in Vancouver. 4m. The blossoms consist of over 20 white petals which later darken to a light pink. Blossoms: double; pure white The short flowering period of a little more than a week is followed by beautiful blizzards of Kanzan petals that burry the cars parked below the trees. It was reintroduced to Japan by British cherry tree expert Collingwood Ingram. The tree species is very rare in Vancouver. The Taihaku ("Big White") Cherry has very large blossoms of 5 petals that flower in April. Some locations to view the rare trees are in front of Science World, at the Lost Lagoon (a few meters west of the bus station) and on the UBC campus, for example, in the median of Chancellor Boulevard close to NW Marine Drive or at West Mall close to the Asian Centre. The Kwanzan cherry tree (Prunus serrulata), also called the Japanese flowering cherry, is a desirable tree for any landscape, mostly because of its gorgeous double-pink flowers. Prunus ‘Oku-miyako’ This spreading cherry blossom tree, which is wider than it is tall, flowers later … AGM. AGM. Its name refers to an ancient Buddhist temple in Kyoto. Japanese: Naden or Musha Zakura. 12m. Blooming: middle March to April The abundant pink cherry blossom tree, held in clusters of three to six flowers, appears in April against young bronzed foliage on a slow-growing tree. Blooming: late March to April The nice little Shidare-zakura shown on the image to the left is located in Alexandra Park at Beach Avenue a few steps southeast of Denman Street. The April flowers are pure-white on an upright tree, and its name translates as seagull. Blooming: late March to April Blossoms: double; light pink Frequency: quite a few trees in Vancouver Click here for 2002 information and more locations. Blossoms: double; pink One location to see a few trees is the median of 16th Avenue between Macdonald and Blenheim Street. The blossom of this great white cherry looks fabulous when held erect against bronze-green, new leaves. Blossoms: 5 petals; initially pink, later fading to white Blossoms: 5 petals; white A more beautiful specimen can be found at the shore of False Creek in a park west of Monk Mc Queens restaurant. Prunus sieboldii is now known as Prunus ‘Takasago’. The list of locations is incomplete and shows some of the best locations that I am personally aware of. Frequency: quite a few trees in Vancouver. Apr 3, 2017 - Here are 10 of the best Japanese ornamental cherry trees in Vancouver. You can unsubscribe at any time. A large, early flowering cherry blossom tree with substantial, single pink flowers that appear in March as new foliage opens to bronze. Others say Takasago means “Good health and long life.” … The single flowered Shidare seems to start flowering a few days ahead of the Shidare-yae-zakura. This April-flowering cherry blossom tree has been grown in Japan since the the 17th century; its name is the former name for Tokyo. The soft-pink, semi-double cherry blossom flowers are held in purplish buds so the neatly arranged flowers on this small, upright tree have a unique two-tone effect.

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