Grease casserole, put one layer of pork steak on bottom, cover with salt and pepper and lay thick sliced potatoes over it. Share. Add milk to make even with potatoes, nearly 1/2 quart. Who could do it better? Here is how you make Poor Man’s Steak and Potato Casserole. Recipe Summary. It took a couple of. 709 views. Drain and put steak into the bottom of a 2 1/2 qt. Bake at … Email. 1.Start with red potatoes. In our family, it’s a big-time favorite. round casserole dish. Sliced up and spread out over the bottom of the very large (3 quart) casserole dish. A potato casserole like the one served at an old school steakhouse in the heart of Nebraska beef country. I love using red potatoes because they bake up tender and don’t need to be pealed. 2.Cover the potatoes in ground beef that has been browned with onion. Let’s face it. Send Text Message. Save Pin Print. Cut steak into bite-sized pieces, season, flour and brown in hot oil. Steak And Potato Casserole, ingredients: Roll Steak, Bread crumbs, Lard, Potatoes, sliced. Sharing is caring! Casseroles are usually so bland, but the Dubliner® cheese really gives this casserole a big punch of flavor. Slice onions and saute in oil, drain and cover steak pieces with onion. Gallery . Recipe: Steak and Potato Soup. We just love potatoes. Share; Tweet; Pin; 1470 shares. Cover potatoes with salt, pepper, butter hunks and onions. Steak and Potato Soup is as hearty as it sounds… and delicious too! sprinkle with flour. Facebook Tweet. Cheesy Potato Casserole, a Steak House Classic. By Sarah . Repeat process. This is a ground beef casserole with potatoes I threw together one night and everyone loved it. February 28, 2019 by gbskitchen 12 Comments. 402 views. Cover and bake at … Place halved potatoes on top of onions and pour soup over the top. Recipe for Peruvian Steak and Potato Stir-Fry from Grace Parisi of Food and Wine 1/4-cup. Peruvian Steak and Potato Stir Fry or Lomo Saltado.

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