If you want to create a vintage Telecaster sound, then there is only one option. It easily one of the best guitars I’ve ever played. Vintage style tuners with their closed rectangular box fitting give the headstock its traditional feel. Naturally, if you’re going for the real 50s thing with this guitar, the neck has to be right. Pickups redesigned also. Blues players will use it, and it has a sweet ease with either single notes, part chords or full chords. Spectacular. I am a guitar player based in Nashville, TN, aka Music City, USA. But one day there were dozens of kids just staring through the window. Perhaps that is one feature they have improved on? What started out as Fender’s ‘premium’ range made by Squier, the string company acquired by Fender, also had their range of cheaper versions for those that couldn’t afford the ‘real’ thing. Slider control for pickup selection, volume and tome and that is it. You need the wood the body is constructed from to be right and the neck to give it playability, but ultimately the sound will come from the pickups. Nickel? You can hardly tell the difference at times. These Telecasters are now made in Indonesia. The Telecaster will not just give it to you on demand. Just excellent in every way! Much the same looking guitar as in the picture. Slightly different than the ones made in China. How Squier can produce such a brilliant guitar at that price is beyond us. IMO if you’re looking to buy one look for a NOS or used Chinese model – it’s a better guitar. The Classic Vibe Telecaster is not meant to be an exact replica of a ’50s Telecaster; it’s meant to evoke the vibe of those guitars, and I think it does a good job of that. It is almost worth buying one to hang on the wall to look at, but it wouldn’t stay there long, you’d want to play it. The Indonesian made Telecasters changed the brass barrels on the bridge to something less traditional – steel? WP. It has too many Pros to start listing them, we haven’t enough room, but we have found one major fault with it that we should list as a Con. That is the Telecaster way. It was 1964 and our first sight of a real Fender. Once you start playing it, you ain’t gonna put it down. Learn more. Hello, and welcome to the Guitar Lifestyle guitar blog! It’s not just jazz either that has benefited from this sound. Now put the slider control central, sit down and strap in because ‘that’ sound is there. A great guitarist, again no names mentioned, once said to us…” playing a Tele is like driving a Formula 1 car. There have been lots of varieties of Telecaster manufactured by Fender, some very good others not so. Exactly. And of course, the final finishing touch, the black scratchplate, if you’re going to make a vintage 50s Tele it must have a black scratchplate. My name is Josh, and I thank you for visiting this site. Sealed with coats of polyester to protect the wood, the color and the sight of the wood grain showing through takes you back to the 50s. It has everything a beginner needs in a guitar and a pro’s playing partner in case he gets bored with all the complicated stuff. The Chinese made Telecasters are the guitars that received so many rave reviews on the internet. Time to go listen to some Van Halen. Indulge us for a minute. It’s as high quality as my American standard Strat in all categories. Pine, despite being a softwood, has a great resonance to it and was one of the reasons these guitars sounded so good. Are CV’s made in China or Indonesia? Let’s take a closer look at what is known today as the Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster blonde… Putting the two pickups together you get the warm bottom end, but it’s mixed with that sharp clippy top. Push the slider control to the left. The Classic Vibe might be cleverly disguised to look like an early 50s Blackguard Telecaster, but its playability is bang up to date. If you can find better value for money anywhere, we’d like to hear about it. Be warned. Single-coil vintage sounding at both neck and bridge. The sound is there, but it’s how you play it and use it to achieve ‘that’ sound. Latest Deals on Squier Classic Vibe 50s Telecaster … Fast forward fifty-five years, and it still moves us, is still churning out the sound. The sound a guitar delivers is impacted by its construction and the materials used. Not much needs to be said here. When we were kids growing up and all thinking we were John Lennon there was a music shop in our town. Black Friday Deals Week - Save Up to 96%! The neck pickup has the warmth that some jazz players used to like. Squier By Fender Classic Vibe 50’s Hand Telecaster Review. Soft and clear it has a welcoming mellow feel that you could say is unique to this guitar. That is the Squier Classic Vibe 50s Telecaster. That is all you need. Well made from good materials, the body is a beautifully crafted finish. Cool guitar and Carl’s playing is great, but I wonder why Brent isn’t doing the demo. Ok, so we’ve had a look at the construction, how it’s put together and the materials they have used. The build, the materials, the way it looks, the sound, just a brilliant guitar.

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