Very tempting. So it would just be nice to confirm that Europe gets equal treatment in an article that is read by both Europeans and Americans. should the DLC essentially make previous versions of Mania identical to the physical version of the game)? IF anything widescreen should help the speedy portions greatly. @KingdomHeartsFan, yes it is. @Matthew010 one of the greatest old school platformers ever. It's worth the money, or at the very least, 5 dollars to update to Mania Plus. Now I'm double dipping for another platform, with an artbook, reversable cover, and a shiny sleeve. Hell, Sega Genesis had add-ons here. Please note that some external links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you click them and make a purchase we may receive a small percentage of the sale. Wait so if you already own Sonic Mania physically, it automatically updates to Plus for free, but if you own it digitally you have to pay $5? Thanks! The other 20 was for the price of the game. Rumours that he turned down a role in The Hobbit to work on Nintendo Life are, to the best of our knowledge, completely and utterly unfounded. Now I’ve had the physical pre-ordered (for 24,95 euros including shipping) for a while. @ArcanineArco Just put in my order from there now. £23 isn't bad for a critically acclaimed game! These guys have partnered with Amazon and other big companies before too. Hosted by 44 Bytes. Even then those 3 games were complete trash when stacked to the wonderfully amazing and magical super mario world. I'll also search around if anyone made a manual for it too so it'll be like a complete retro package. Too many places are premium pricing the Switch version over the others. Even when i had the Genesis back during its run, sonic to me felt like nothing but but a lame gimmick to combat mario. But that doesn't make them bad games. Is Sonic Mania Plus worth buying if you already own the original game? There'll be a free update too with adds the extra level transitions. If you already own Sonic Mania then inserting the game card will simply add the 'Plus' content to your existing game data, which is seamless and rather lovely; instead of creating an entirely new game icon on your Switch home screen, it simply uses the existing Sonic Mania one. Looking forward to having a Mega Drive case on my shelf again (well, sort of). Then there's Sonic Mania Plus the game - Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel are included as playable characters, and there's a remixed "Encore Mode", a four-player competition mode (ideal for when you've got a few friends round) and a few extra cutscenes. In my case this would be a tripple dip. The trickiest part is payment method, that depends on the specific eShop. Depends how badly you want that physical case sitting on your shelf, we guess. Oh snap, I was interested in this since I didnt buy the special edition physical copy when it came out, it had a neat statue with it, but cost like $90, so I passed. Conversely I got to Robotnik on my Nomad with about 15 lives and all the Chaos Emeralds in both Sonic 1 and 2 at the weekend. but, i seriously need to get sonic mania. @Nunya I know you're trying to be smart, but I hadn't a clue until now what "Plus" actually meant, and thanks to this informative article, I do now. If this unlocks the plus content in the digital version, then I'm pre-ordering now! While I absolutely despise and loath the 2D sonic franchise for numerous reasons I'm STILL willing to give this a chance. Not as wonderful in level design and music as Sonic 3 & Knuckles but a great Sonic game anyway and this physical release is really nice, if only the other Switch physical releases were like this and not bare-bones boxes without any art inside or booklet... or game, even. No contest. And I kinda hoped for a physical game to be announced so I never bought the digital. Sonic Mania Plus/Gallery < Sonic Mania Plus. Pre-ordered my copy on Amazon prime. You can also upload and share your favorite Sonic Mania Plus wallpapers. @SonOfVon I don't feel silly at all. Sonic Mania Plus comes in a cardboard slipcase which has a lovely holographic foil effect; inside this, you'll find the standard Switch game case (which has a reversible sleeve inside showing a Genesis-style cover) and a surprisingly lavish 32-page art book containing concept and final artwork from the game itself (check out those logo ideas). A jewel containing the ultimate sonic game. @ArcanineArco Cheers, much better than the £30 on Amazon. Fans called for some kind of physical release for Sonic Mania - which was perhaps the best Sonic offering in recent memory and has sold over a million copies - and thankfully, Sega listened. It also has the best soundtrack of any film (not just anime) by the guy that went on to win the Oscar for The Last Emperor. . @nab1 To be fair, I think I was going to get it anyway, but thanks. Sonic 1-3 are classic icons of the genre that had a major influence on platformers in both style and substance. Best part is you can play the games downloaded with that account with your original one. Since I already have the digital version, I will probably just pick up the 5 dollar DLC. A complete mess. when pressed, a gold ring, which I always wanted as a Sonic Fan, and a mock Sonic Mania Genesis Cartridge. 1 Logo; When Sonic Mania launched last year it received critical acclaim and restored the faith of many a lapsed Sonic fan. But I agree euro releases are usually the worst. But if you check eshop-prices you will see Norway, South Africa, Mexico and Canada are the eShops to go. HD wallpapers and background images I also disliked how few lives they give you after a continue. I guess Russia and Japan are the tricky ones. So I've never played a true 2D Sonic game and wouldn't have any nostalgic attachment to these games. Yeap I'm totally going to re-buy this just for the physical cartridge and case. However, as a digital-only affair (no, the collector's edition with a download code doesn't count) it felt very much like a 'bonus' release alongside 2017's full-fat Sonic outing: the much-maligned Sonic Forces. A lot of people in the US have never heard of the Master System either (I think it only had 2 mil sales here). @majinx07 July 17th, same day as Mania Plus releases. But should @Matthew010 become a fan of the series and play other games, he could come back to this one more seasoned and experience the bits he may not have understood the first time around. Growing up on the Genesis, Sonic 3 & Knuckles was my favorite game as a kid, and I don't regret spending some more money on my favorite game of 2017.

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