That makes sense only if your main field is software development. We will notify you by email when your friend (or friends) sign up for FlexJobs and you will get a free month. But becoming a Software Architect is not easy. The most important responsibility is complete technical support of the project from the moment of inception, through product release, to development of enhancements. As the client’s main contact (internally or externally), the software architect must listen to the client’s needs to understand what problem they want solved. This should be obvious since one cannot become a software architect with a musical... Responsibility. Some of a software architect’s duties include: Unlike network architects that build data communication networks, software architects design software systems. In the software industry, the role of a software architect is interpreted in many different ways. Syndicode is a TOP digital agency on TDA! We’ll talk about the role, skills and duties of a software architect. As the project leader, software architects need excellent and adaptable communication and listening skills. 60 hours. And it falls to the software architect to explain to the client what the team can and cannot accomplish. They must also: So, to become a software architect, you need to pass a long way of learning and improvement. Skills are critical to showing your relevant work experience and qualifications. Why estimate is not equal to a software development cost, but only an assumption. Tell your friends about FlexJobs via email. You must have artistic skills too. And a startup of two people, for example, cannot afford to have one team member focus on just the architecture. Crafting the right architecture to solve the problem at hand is only part of architects’ responsibilities. The software/enterprise architect job is an important one. (banking, technology, telecommunication, broadcasting, etc …). The main characteristics of a software architect Broad and deep technical knowledge. 5. Be aware that the path of becoming a software architect will take at least several years. The title “software architect” encompasses many things. Many people wonder how to become a software architect, but it’s not an entry-level position. A great Software Architect employs a mix of great technical skills, the ability to take a high-level look, and great interpersonal skills. (software products, services, innovation). While network architects may build different types of communication networks, software architects focus on a specific type of software solution. An approach I’ve found for working with architecture teams is to … While software architects will often write code for the project, as the project leader, they need to “see beyond the code.” Specifically, software architects need to understand how all aspects of the project interact with each other. A Software Architect will usually hold an advanced degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. The career path for a software architect is fairly straightforward. Design Skills. It’s a job title one only reaches after years of experience, increasing responsibility, and often advanced education. Define Your Project Scope and Get on the Same Page With Your Client. A software architect must have the necessary broad and technical knowledge to be able to perform the role described above alongside strong analytical skills… A Software Architect works on both technical and design aspects of a project. Important Skills of Software Architects. All rights reserved. They lead a team of developers, creating and assigning project tasks, speaking with clients to ensure the solution solves their problems and to keep them informed about the project’s progress, and making sure that, overall, everything runs smoothly. Such decisions could represent key structural design decisions, the selection of particular patterns, the specification of guidelines, and so on, which have a far-reaching impact on the success of the system or the project. Though the path to becoming a software architect will take years of experience likely within several software development and IT jobs, it is likely well worth the effort if you enjoy flexing your hard and soft skills. Taking into account all of the main aspects the software architect role includes, its obvious that this person should have knowledge in programming, management, psychology, communication and even finance. Cookies Policy and personal data processing as described in Privacy Policy. It’s then up to the software architect to describe the solution in plain language to the client. Read why you should outsource and contact us if you have any questions. Software architects need additional hard skills outside of technical abilities. We have lots of interesting information to share. Skills acquired in this project. But above all, software architects should be a good cultural fit who can understand the specific needs of a business and work successfully with all the people involved in software projects. Do you already have a development team or are you building a team. What recruiters expect to see in a software architect resume Relevant work experience to help you efficiently develop and maintain successful products The soft skills required to solve complex technical problems, communicate, and work well within teams Log in today and find the right job for you. Architect is all about designing, and at some point, in time, you will need to sit and draw something. To get a better idea of what is involved in this career, here’s an overview of what software architects do and the training needed to become one. On average, software architects earn $137,936. Understanding several technological stacks is a must: server languages, iOS, Android and more… You have to read a lot of professional literature and find some mentor to ask questions. What is the size of your development team? From my experience, read books and discussions we can boil this down to these 10 skills every software architect should have: Design, Decide, Simplify, Code, Document, Communicate, Estimate, Balance, Consult, Market . A software architect designs software solutions to help clients and companies solve problems. They should also possess an attention to detail since they may have to hunt for bugs in the code. Not a member? Has design skills Software architecture projects embody key design decisions, so design is an important aspect of architecture. Next, he presents proven methods for systematically … Success stories for custom software solutions, the difference between IT outsourcing and IT outstaffing, Ukraine is extremely popular as a software outsourcing destination, Hlinky 2, of. However, software architects also need to be creative. Now, long-time software architect Dave Hendricksen helps you fill this gap, supercharge your organizational impact, and quickly move to the next level in your career. Everybody has to share the task and wear multiple hats. The duties of an architect are numerous and require specific leadership, communication and technical skills to be fulfilled. It’s then up to the software architect to describe the solution in plain language to the client. When it comes to a job interview, software architects must display the right mix of technical knowledge, project management experience and effective communication skills. Of course, it’s all well and good creating something that looks good; however, it also needs to be practical, viable and suited to the needs and demands of your client. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to track it all. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not track the salary or job outlook for software engineers, the BLS does predict that the software development field will grow 21% between 2018 and 2028, which is much faster than average compared to other fields. Not many companies can allow themselves to grow their own specialist in software architecture. At the other extreme Agile development, a team may work without the involvement of an architect. © 2014—2020 Syndicode. 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