Rock stars. 2) AKG Pro Audio C414 XLS … En éliminant les bruits de fond. SM58+X2u kit micro+Interface XLR-USB. So, I have an SM57 and an SM58. Documentations produits, informations logiciels et firmware, comparaisons et autres outils techniques et ressources pour tous les produits Shure. Les bruits de manipulation sont absorbés par la suspension anti-choc pneumatique interne, ce qui libère le son des effets des vibrations. Sa réponse en fréquence optimisée accentue le voix, sa directivité supercardioïde isole les autres sources sonores. Tout cela au même endroit. Hello readers, I'm writing this post just to inform those who are on budget, but still want to make a kick ass drum recording, that this can easily be achieved using two sm57 mics as overheads. Si un microphone vocal mérite le titre de « légendaire », c'est bien le Shure SM58. The Quality Bundle combines the world’s most legendary microphone with an XLR cable and robust mic stand to give you all you need for performing live. Comédiens. AKG Acoustics Drum Set Concert 1 Professional Drum Microphone Set with D112 MkII Bass Drum, 2X C430 Overhead and 4X D40 Microphones, Model:2581H00160 $ 579.99 in stock 14 new from $579.99 Le filtre anti-pop intégré à la grille sphérique élimine les bruits de respiration et plosives. I don't know why but for some reason I liked it better than the 57 (and I've been using 57's on drums for ages!). The 58 has the same frequency response of the 57 (compare their charts). The SM58 is usually my starting point on snare. Want more? Or if you have any tips for mic placement or anything else to get the best sound out of these. Microphone statique pour la voix à directivité supercardioïde et une réponse en fréquence uniforme et optimisé pour une reproduction claire, précise et chaleureuse de la voix. Si vous avez déjà entendu quelqu’un chanter ou s’exprimer dans un micro en live, il y a de grandes chances que ça ait été à travers un SM58. Vous partez en tournée ? Kit incluant un microphone pour la voix dynamique cardioïde avec une interface audio XLR vers USB. (2,416 KB), 1 - A25D Swivel Stand Adapter, 1 - 95A2313 Storage Bag. Non sapevo si trattasse dello stesso microfono a meno della griglia. Microphone dynamique pour la voix. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Produits comparables . Idéal pour l'emploi avec des systèmes de retours personnels (ear monitors). (4,227 KB), Download File Join Justin Colletti and SonicScoop for this in-depth look at overhead mic techniques. I was wondering whether it would be worth getting better microphones more suited to recording drums (either a set or overhead/condenser). I just need a way to make my drums sound good on recordings. Suono dalla qualità e dall’affidabilità leggendarie. Sur scène, dans un club ou au stade, le SM58 produit systématiquement un son chaud d’une grande netteté. Microphone dynamique, cardioïde très polyvalent pour une reproduction claire d'instruments amplifiés et acoustiques, idéal pour la sonorisation et les enregistrements. I did a whole Album with four 58's in 1990 to Tape multitrack at a home studio in an ex church. The 57s will be on the top and mid snare, while the mk219 will either go in front of the kit at kick drum height or as an overhead, and I'm not sure what the 58s would sound good on. Idoles de la pop. Up until now, I have simply used one SM57 overhead and had so-so results. Sounds like you already know a little something about the SM58. I've never heard of anyone miking a drum set with sm58's before, ... 57s on toms & 58s overhead. The drum kit can be split right down the middle, as shown in Figure 1. Shure Quality Bundle SM58-KM-SOM. Rugged construc-tion, a proven shock mount system, and a steel mesh grille en-sure that even with rough handling, the SM58 will perform con-sistently. Trova il miglior microfono per le tue esigenze, che tu abbia bisogno di un microfono per voce o strumento, un set di microfoni per batteria o microfoni wireless The Quality Bundle combines the world’s most legendary microphone with an XLR cable and robust mic stand to give you all you need for performing live. Try it out, see if it does anything for you. I recently put a 58 on snare, and wish I had done this sooner. Sicuramente ora in caso di unica disponibilità mi farò meno problemi a usare un SM58 per amplificare la chitarra. Any condenser or ribbon mic is well suited for the job so use what you have or prefer!). You know, with a little patience and the right placement (any maybe some EQ), try the 58's on overheads. Avec sa fabrication durable et sa pince à micro incassable, le SM58 résistera aux performances les plus intenses. You could start by simply centering the overhead mics over the drum kit using an X/Y or ORTF pair (note: my first choice for this task is a large diaphragm cardioid condenser so that mic type will be assumed throughout this post. Microphone statique cardioïde avec une réponse en fréquence optimisée pour reproduire la voix avec une qualité studio. choice for overhead mic'ing of a drumset. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. The modern drum mic set up takes advantage of many purpose-built mics. I usually take the Pop screen out of the 58, to match them out more. I have come to the conclusion that windscreens on drum mikes do sound better, especially on kick drums...There is alot of air pressure in a kick that moves the diaphram of a mic. What I would like to do is maybe get one condenser for overhead, keep the sm57 for I have found a windscreen really cleans up the lower midrange, which can make the mic sound brighter!!! Thank you. Très robuste, il est conçu pour supporter la rigueur des tournées. (20 KB), Download PDF Le système numérique sans fil Shure ULX-D garantit un son de grande qualité et une transmission RF impeccable, A55M porte micro anti-choc pour Microphone, Pour toute question relative à la réparation et/ou pièces détachées, veuillez remplir le formulaire ici. What are the Best Overhead Drum Mics to Buy? Hey there! The SM58 has a tailored vocal re-sponse for a sound which is a world standard. Viene utilizzato molto spesso anche dai dj e dai presentatori nei club e nei piccoli e grandi eventi dal vivo. Papes. It won't hurt the mic, but you are correct that it also will not reproduce the low freqs. This setup is due to budget limitations. That's all he had and you know what, sounds awesome and ppl who hear the songs are always impressed by the quality. Is my shure sm58 fake or real? L'SM58 Ë ottimizzato per riprendere la sorgente sonora principale, riducendo al minimo il rumore di sottofondo, anche in condizioni di utilizzo estreme.

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