Directly above the snare and pointed straight down. Don't forget to check the phase relationship between OH and kick mics. What's new. New media New comments Search media. A pair of cardioid mics provides several distinct, viable OH sounds. This can be checked by taping the two ends of a length of string to the center of the snare and kick drums, respectively. Davida Rochman | This can greatly increase the possibility of the microphones picking up more background noise from the stage than the desired sound from the choir. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. and facing the snare or facing the symbals? … All the best, By Matt McGlynnA single pair of multipattern condenser microphones can provide at least five distinct overhead drum miking choices with surprisingly different sonic characteristics. If you are short on mics, inputs, cables, etc, it is possible to place a single mic in between two side-by-side toms. JavaScript is disabled. Heck, I may even put it closer to my floor tom. and create balance issues. The site contains a searchable archive of specifications and insider information for over 1000 microphones, both contemporary and vintage, as well as in-depth reviews, a microphone sale-price finder, and a frequency-graph overlay comparison tool. Try different heights, from a foot or so higher than the highest cymbal and lower. November 25, 2020, Linda Hansen | a few outdoor gigs last year i had it pointed down at snare/hihat from above. This will result in an overly roomy sound.Lowering the microphones, or using an angle less than 90o can result in a more direct sound, although the kick and snare will always be off-axis.Regardless of height, I recommend mounting the XY array directly above the snare drum, to ensure that the snare is centered in the stereo image. Do you put it over the entire kit, or more on the hihat snare side, or more on the ride side? A great way to start is the recorderman method or the Glyn Johns technique. Pulling them back will pull them closer to the snare, floor tom, and hi-hat. The AB or Spaced Pair approach is among the simplest stereo techniques to understand, but it presents the most problems in practice.Because the microphones are far apart, AB arrays are susceptible to comb filtering. Mar 14, 2016 #1 OK sound experts here are the parameters. Conversely, there are numerous ways to use an AB pair to capture a roomier, indirect sound: by raising the microphones, moving them further out toward the sides of the kit, angling them to point straight down, or changing from Cardioid to a wider polar pattern.AB arrays can produce a wide stereo image, simply because drums or cymbals very near one of the two microphones will be perceived to come from only that side of the stereo field. The overhead microphone, which is closest to the hihat is in this placement moved further away from the hihat, which can be a lifesaver if the hihat is a bit overbearing when played hard - since there is less of it in the overheads, it makes it easier for you to control with a close mic. This is a good choice for arrangements in which the drums play a supporting role, or when mono compatibility is critical.Overhead microphone height is an important consideration in this and every technique. If you are using a dynamic mic, you may need to be higher than 4 feet. Outdoor stage, kick is mic'ed but only ONE overhead provided. You have absolutely no phase issues because you aren’t trying to capture an … Menu. The Recorderman technique is probably the newest and least-known technique here, although it is conceptually similar to the overhead configuration of Glyn Johns' more-famous approach.It requires two Cardioid microphones. Media. In addition to what has been mentioned about tuning and room treatment, I would consider going with a "mono overhead" placement, which is typically 4+ feet above the snare pointing directly at the snare. Notice how the mics in this figure are attached to a special mounting bracket. The room gets bigger, but the drums sound less direct.The challenge of M-S is that one of the two microphones is not pointed at the drum kit. Overhead - single C 451 B My main question is concering the AKG C 451 B, used as a single Overhead mic. The high and low toms don't get farther apart. So instead of placing the overhead microphones above the cymbals, almost parallel with the front of the kick as usually done with close miking, I rotated my point of view by imagining an invisible line going through the center of the kick and the center of the snare, then making sure that the overhead microphones are equidistant to the snare, perpendicular to that invisible line. To minimize room sound, lower the OH microphones and point them toward the center of the kit. This can result in an unrealistically large-sounding drum kit, if the overhead tracks are panned 100% L/R. Unless you have the right mic stand it can be tough to go directly above but the "right" way to do it according to the course I did last year is directly above and pointed roughly between the kick and snare, generally at the centre of all the noise. By lowering the array, or angling the microphones in toward the center of the kit, room sound can be minimized. Overhead Mic Placement: Front to Back As you might expect, the balance changes dramatically as you move the mics from front to back. Mar 14, 2016 #1 OK sound experts here are the parameters. The other is positioned near the drummer's right shoulder, pointing directly at the snare drum from 32" away.This technique requires that the kick drum is also equidistant from both microphones. To minimize cymbal sound, try Recorderman. Sure is placed front left or over my head. Extreme panning of Recorderman overhead tracks can leave a hole in the middle of the stereo field.Mono compatibility is not guaranteed, except for the kick and snare.Because the microphones are relatively low, they will hear primarily the drums themselves.

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