But to most people in the know, it’s a mystery as to why sea beet isn’t more popular, given that its similar cousin, spinach, runs riot in the popularity stakes. Sea spinach, wild beet, wild spinach. Sea beet is one of the most common and plentiful wild vegetables, as well as being cultivated relatively easily too. Sea Beet (thank you Wikipedia) is a wild member of the beetroot and chard family also known as wild spinach. Sea beet can be used as a leafy green like spinach. It is available for most of the year, can be found in large quantities and, best of all, is quite delicious. Botanical name The species was described in 1753 by Carl Linnaeus as Beta vulgaris and as Beta vulgaris maritima in 1882 by Giovanni Arcangeli. The cooking! It’s delicious quickly sautéed in good olive oil as a topping for a lobster or shrimp bisque. Simply wilted with some seasoning and butter it makes an excellent side to most meals or the young washed leaves can be added as an extra addition to salads. Janet Graham CC BY 2.0. History. Before you add it to a dish, however, it's a good idea to sauté it quickly in a little butter and taste it in its natural form. Now my favourite bit.. Sea Beet is one of the seaside’s greatest culinary treasures. Which is why I give to you today my recipe for Wild Sea Beet Pesto. Ode to the Sea Beet (A Delicious Foraged Wild Edible) I think that I shall never see A plant as lovely as the sea beet It's wild and its full of charm Edible too, no need for alarm. It's good in almost all cuisines, from French to North African. Here I have combined it with regular beetroot leaves and pea shoots. If you’re keen on experimenting, adding some liquid smoke is usually popular with beet burger recipes to achieve a natural grill flavour. Yield: 2 Servings Ingredients 2 filletsRead More Common names . These beet burgers are made with a mixture that includes quinoa, eggplant (or baba ganoush), gluten-free oats, and spices. Sea Beet Recipes and what to do with it! If you avoid gluten and love burgers, this recipe is for you. Sea beet is a host plant to several beetles and moths, some of which are nationally rare such as the rosy wave moth and the sea wormwood weevil (below). There are endless possibilities for this versatile plant, but this fishy, creamy recipe takes a lot of beating. Sea Beet can be treated the same as Spinach except with a little extension to the cooking time.

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