1. Fertilise your rosemary plant with a handful of vermicompost every month and in case of any fungal infection, spray Neem Oil/Tobacco extract/soap water to keep insects at bay.


1. Then you have come to the right place! Low Maintenance

1.The name Rosemary is derived from the Latin name ros marinus, which literally means “dew of the sea.”

The best place to sow rosemary seeds is against a wall or fence that receives a lot of sunshine. Rosemary is also practically cholesterol free.

All the plant gossip, through the grapevine. Buy rosemary seeds at Best Prices - Amazon.in

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It needs warmth and shelter in order to grow well. Now we are proving Rosemary along with all necessary material for Home and Terrace gardening..

All seasons

Would you like to grow Rosemary seeds and other herb seeds in your garden? Gardening 101.

Rosemary plant does best with 6 hours of full sunlight every day. Overwatering is the number one cause of browning of your rosemary leaves.

What growing medium should I use to grow Rosemary?

Buy your Rosemary Seeds online. data-src="/media/wysiwyg/rosemary_hwh2.jpg" alt="Plants growing in containers need more fertilizing than those in the ground. Then you have come to the right place! Pack Contents: 90 Rosemary Seeds.
  • Common Problems

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    Germination will take place in 8-10 days

    Rosemary plants are quire draught resistant.
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    How often should I water my Rosemary plant?

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    One step at a time, with a lil water and light.

    Rosemary is rich in phytonutrients , antioxidants and essential oils which are good for your body. Rosemary also has anti - bacterial properties. Once the seedlings have grown a little and stabilized, keep them in direct sun for better growth. Contact [email protected] 1-800-363-7333 . Description. A little bit of flavour, and a whole lot of health benefits is what you will get when you add some rosemary to your food.

    Rosemary needs to be watered moderately. Sow the seeds 0.5 cm deep in well composted soil.

  • You can start harvesting your rosemary approximately 90 days from sowing. Then buy them today in our shop. Agricart Online Services Private Limited offering fine quality Rosemary Seeds at Affordable Price. $8.85 $ 8.
  • > Shop Online > Seeds > Herb Seeds > Rosemary Rosemary. Why are my Rosemary leaves tuning yellow?

  • Cover the sprinkled rosemary seeds with 1-2 cm of potting mix. Shop with confidence. Rosemary oil is often used to promote hair growth and treat dry scalp.

  • Water immediately using a misting spray so as not too diplace the topsoil. Are you planning on growing a herb garden and would you like to grow Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) too? The leaves are strong flavored and should be used sparingly with food. Why are my Rosemary tips are turning brown? Rosemary plants are quire draught resistant.


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    The more you water, the more quickly you flush the nutrients out of the soil." Rosemary needs to be watered moderately.

    Growth stages

    Once the germination happens, prune away any seedlings that are not growing in a healthy manner to make space for the healthy seedlings. Herb Rosemary (50 Seeds) Rosemary is an essential ingredient and adds wonderful flavor to meats, other poultry and vegetables too.

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