Fried rice typically has rice, meat such as bacon/ham/chicken, egg, vegetables and soy sauce. How often do you have one or two sausages leftover after dinner? Used brown sugar. Whole family liked it. In a large skillet, saute the sausage on medium high until cooked through, about ten minutes. Find great bratwurst recipes complete with how-to videos, ratings, reviews, and cooking tips. Fantastic. In a skillet, bring potatoes and broth to a boil. I suggest dicing potatoes small so they cook thru. I will be making tweaks next time. 3) Trusted website like America's Test Kitchen. While this tasted pretty good, I had a couple issues with the recipe. Chop the sausages up, add onion, potato, carrot and other vegetables. Chop the vegetables and sausages. We won’t send you spam. "If I can make it all in one pot, it's an added bonus.". If you are wanting to try something new go with 1) A chef/cook who makes things you like 2) Cookbook recipes (if you get published you more than likely know what you are doing.) So I had to either figure out a way to get rid of the broth, or chance overcooking the vegetables. "Having grown up in the Midwest, I love a meat-and-potatoes meal," notes Marcia Graves-Wilbur from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida. I ended up adding more broth and next time I think I am going to add another apple. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Make and Save Money at Home. I could barely stir everything together. The Ulitmate Guide to Make and Save Money at Home, This recipe is a good base you can modify, The Ultimate Guide to Make and Save Money at Home, How I Reduced my Expenses by $18,790 Last Year, Is Catch Worth it? Cook pasta, add the sausages (chopped up) and stir through any pasta sauce, a cheese sauce, or garlic and butter for a tasty pasta dish. Arancini are basically risotto balls – roll risotto into a ball (press the ball around a cube of cheese if you like), roll the ball in some breadcrumbs and fry them. Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. Fried Rice. Cheeseburger and Home Fries Omelet. Curried sausage recipes usually have 8 sausages for the recipes. I made this last night. Mix up a pizza dough, spread sauce over the base, add your toppings to one-half then fold it over and press the edges together then bake until golden brown. Try a savoury bread and butter style pudding instead of the sweet with cinnamon. Learn how your comment data is processed. Follow our tips and get new recipes to prevent waste. So I used canned potatoes - I know gross. Another option is to stir through a chunky dip like pesto. We were not a huge fan of the apples, so leave those out. A calzone is like a pizza folded in half. "So good! Set aside to cool and then cut into 1/2 inch cubes. 'No Beer Available' Bratwurst . Whisk together a few eggs and pour over the sausages and vegetables then bake until cooked through. Make up a dough, roll it out, add the filling and roll it up to bake. Chop up a few leftover burgers, follow instructions for making an omelet with potato, adding in plenty of cheese and chopped burgers. Pan fry the potatoes, bratwurst, peppers, onions, and spices in the vegetable oil for about 5 minutes over meduim heat, turning often. Use sausages instead and add some more spices to boost the flavour. So that was a bit annoying. The brats … Risotto can be made with almost any combination of meat and vegetables. Easy Bratwurst Pasta Blackberry Beer Brat Bites Dinner At The Zoo Brats In A Blanket Y Southern Kitchen Oktoberfest Sheet Pan Brats With Roasted Vegetables READ 1 Gallon All Grain Wheat Beer Recipe. Select a recipe you like and swap out the meat for the sausage. This is also a great way to use up vegetables. Husband said it was amazing. A really nourishing dinner, perfect to follow an easy dinner of hotdogs, definitely one of my favourite sausage recipes. By ericn222; Brown Sugar Brats. Usually, they’ll get eaten cold the next day, but did you know you can make a variety of meals with 1 sausage? 12 Amazing German Foods You Can Buy Online, 32 German Dessert Recipes from Oma’s Kitchen, Open-Faced Bratwurst Sandwiches with Beer Gravy. Yum! Meet the Jewish Casserole Everyone Needs to Know. Cover with a pasta sauce, then lasagne sheets, white sauce, more sausages and vegetables, then pasta sauce etc.

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