If we look at the body first, we can see that Pulsar uses both the same form factor on both models. Axion XM38 5.5-22 38mm Detect 1850 yards Hello and welcome to another episode of Optics Trade Debates. Klasikinis režimas „karštas baltas“ yra itin įvairiapusis, tačiau norint aptikti laukinius gyvūnus naktį dažnai renkamasi „karštą juodą“ režimą. The new models and specs are listed below. Welcome to a new edition of Optics Trade debates. The exterior of both Axion models is more or less the same, they have the same housing,… Read More »Pulsar Axion XM30 vs Pulsar Axion KEY XM30 thermal monoculars Hello and welcome to another episode of Optics Trade Debates. La tecnologia migliora giorno dopo giorno e quindi era per me molto importante verificarne le prestazioni sul campo. I lettori più’ affezionati ricorderanno la recensione del più’ costoso visore termico Pulsar Helion XP50. We continue with the debate about Pulsar Axion models, only that we focus on the differences between Pulsar Axion XM30 and Pulsar Axion Key XM30 this time. We are still debating about Pulsar Axion models, but we will focus on similarities and differences between Axion XM30 and Axion XM38 this time. Axion Key XM22 1.8-7.2 18mm Detect 1000 yards (Estimated, numbers not available yet on this model) Axion Key XM30 2.4-9.6 28mm Detect 1300 yards. The 2019 Axion SHOT announcement was 4 new models. We already mentioned a few details about these two products in other videos about Pulsar Axion models, so we will be… Read More »Pulsar Axion XM30 vs Pulsar Axion XM38 thermal monoculars Il visore Pulsar Axion Key XM 30 costa 1290 euro IVA inclusa. 8 spalvų paletės pagerina vaizdą įvairiomis sąlygomis. Pulsar Axion KEY XM22: 1.024,00 € Pulsar Axion KEY XM30: 1.258,00 € Pulsar Axion XM 30S: 1.609,00 € Lieferumfang: Wärmebildgerät Axion, APS 3 Akku, Ladegerät, USB-Kabel, Aufbewahrungstasche, Trageriemen, Betriebsanleitung, Optikreinigungstuch, Garantieschein. Termovizorius, pulsar, AXION XM22, pulsar termovizoriai, termovizorius. Today, we are going to discuss the differences and similarities between Pulsar Axion KEY XM22 and XM30. Let us begin with similarities. Axion XM30 4.1-16.4 28mm Detect 1300 yards. Il visore termico Pulsar Axiom Key XM22 e il più’ costoso (oggetto di questo unboxing) XM30. Anni fa non avrei mai pensato di poter recensire un visore termico per una cifra simile. Both housings are… Read More »Pulsar Axion KEY XM22 VS Pulsar Axion KEY XM30 | Optics Trade Debates

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