As a result of that research, a clear winner emerged, and we’ll introduce you to the winning chair in just a moment. That’s exactly why we decided to write this roundup review. **Brand Reliability is a measure of the strength and longevity of the brand, which by extension, is a measure of the level of support you can expect. Other than that, the numbers are excellent, and they all work together very well. One click shopping! In addition to that, this model also features a nominally padded headrest in the form of a block foam pillow attached to the headrest via a Velcro strap. That actually works out better for you if you’re heavier, but not especially tall, and the seat depth is a good pairing with the height. If you’ve ever stained furniture before, you could definitely do a better job here, and you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to apply a stain that will match perfectly with the rest of your outdoor décor scheme. Highly recommended. Exclusive READY TO SHIP Items! Rocker Set, Black 4.7 out of 5 stars 57 ... lead you to the Oval Office, you’ll feel just as important when relaxing on your porch, deck, or patio in the stately POLYWOOD Presidential Rocking Chair. It’s not super thick, but there’s enough padding to be comfortable, and it definitely adds value to the chair. Dimensions (in inches): Presidential Rocker: 33 3/4 D X 26 1/4 W X 42 1/2 H. Seat Height: 17. We found a number of great options and then set about comparing them against each other to determine an overall winner. The seat height on big and tall furniture typically starts at 18” and goes to 22” or higher, so this chair is in the big and tall territory on that front. Opinions vary, of course, but for us, and given that most of the furniture on the market today boasts a weight limit of around 300-pounds, we decided that in order to even be considered here, all the rockers we looked at needed to be able to support at least 400-pounds, with higher weight limits than that being welcomed. This charming POLYWOOD® Presidential Rocker is comfortable as it is functional. Details. Seat Depth: 19. The production quality is extremely high, and the process of putting the chair together is simple, so even though the company offers an expert assembly option, you’re better off saving the money and just doing it yourself or asking a friend to give you a hand. Final Note: Assembly is required here, but the instructions are clear and pretty straightforward, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty on that front! Why limit happy to an hour? These chairs are not built for taller users. Final Note: This chair will arrive at your door in a large box and unassembled. Order Now, Delay Free Shipping. Width: Rocker: 26.25 in - Table: 18 in - Depth: Rocker: 33.25 in - Table: 18 in - Height: Rocker: 42.5 in - Table: 18 in - Weight: 92 lbs. Finally, note the weight of this chair. Also note that since this chair only comes in one color (white), there’s not much to lose in terms of adding a seat or seatback pad to enhance the comfort of the chair if you want to. The numbers above only tell part of the story, though. The real question is: What is the best high weight capacity outdoor rocking chair for you? Most rockers can undergo a fair amount of stress and high impact due to the rocking motion. - You Save: $533 (50%), Special Price: At twenty pounds, this chair is heavy enough to withstand a stout wind without getting blown over but light enough that moving it from one location to another will be a trivial task for most people. Rock away in this stately recycled Polywood outdoor rocking chair, perfectly designed to maximize comfort while looking amazing in its 13 different, fade-proof colors. Recommended for anyone weighing up to 600 pounds who’s looking for a well-made rocker for indoor or outdoor use. In this case though, there’s no trade-off, since you won’t have to worry about covering up the natural beauty of the wood, so adding a seat pad is all upside if you’re looking for an easy way to make the chair more comfortable. Not everyone is a fan of Rattan furniture.

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