And after I got my guitar, the headstock had less real estate and I couldn't clip it on and have it stay. For my guitar board I use the Polytune3. I chose to replace my previous tuner with the Polytune 3 and it solved my signal loss issue. They're quiet and the buffer had only positive effects on my tone. Great for in between songs on stage. Was also using a Bonfide Buffer on the same board. Thank you for your request. I absolutely love the strobe mode on this! Bought this as it promised fast, accurate tuning and a highly visible display. And the tuner display is bright and very accurate. Love it. Questions about the TC Electronic PolyTune 3 Polyphonic LED Guitar Tuner Pedal with Buffer. This is a well made high tech tuner, with a lot lot of options built in. Excellent tuner. It's a fantastic tuner. Better than Boss and easy to see in daylight. The Polytune 3 has a "soft" pushbutton that puts it in and out of tuning mode. I have owned other tuners and this one beats them all. I spent some time planning my tuner pedal purchase. The pedal comes with a single-sheet manual which is extremely easy to understand. I like the portability the battery offers and the ability to use a 9-volt charger at home. I don't know if you've noticed, but some tuners actually affect the tone of your guitar when in use and that's really annoying. Im not sure how any tuner pedal could be better than this. Great buy I just hope TC elctronic can make it a little smaller next time. I am used to Peterson tuners, so this is a step down. Period. TC Electronic really outdid themselves by adding a buffer to an already spectacular product. First the tuner. I wanted to add the accuracy of a pedal tuner as apposed to a clip on headstock tuner. I'd been using a clip on tuner for my bass and it was okay.... accurate, but when the battery would begin to fade the tone sensitivity would decrease. By "soft" I mean that there … Love the options with this pedal. Get one of these you will not be disappointed. The Poly Tune 3 made a big difference in my rig. PolyTune 3 builds on the feature set of the original pedal, with multiple tuning modes including polyphonic, chromatic, ultra-precise strobe mode and the ability to store alternate tunings. I couldn't be happier with mine. Thanks TC Electronics and Sweetwater for a well-priced product that has made tuning my guitars easier and faster as well as helping me become a better guitar player and musician. Beside all of its tuning functions, the pedal also has the option to switch from true bypass to buffered, which is good to have if your signal chain is long. I believe this is a must have. This pedal is not only my first legit tuner but also my first experience with TC Electronic products. いぇ〜い!!音楽活動楽しんでるぅ〜?? みんな大好きパコ太郎(@project0t)だぜ! 最近、バンドのスタジオ練習のためにエフェクターを買い漁ってる。足元が着々と豪華になってるZE!! 今使用しているエフェクター達。ここからあと2,3台追加してボード組む。 worked great but soon as it breaks, its good as garbage. So, I bought the PolyTune and it is amazing. Love it!!! Great tuner ...period! Its amazing! I’m a 4/5/6 six string bass player who has decided to take up guitar. Display is large and bright, has different selection modes on the back that are easily accessed to change tuning etc. Sweetwater Sound If you were like me and needed a buffer somewhere but are running out of room, this is a real space saver that sacrifices no quality what so ever! My only complaint is that the little switch inside to change between bypass and buffer mode is a little flimsy looking. It’s an elegant solution to killing two birds with the one stone as far as your signal chain management goes. Don"t think about it, just buy it. To get down to it, this pedal is awesome! Shelby did it again with his suggestion at gearfest. This thing is amazing for the price! No big deal though, really. Must have! Finally what really annoyed me was that the display showed an A# in idle all the time. You always need a tuner on your pedal board, and this is it for me! All around better. I wanted to go with a BOSS Tuner (TC-3) but without 20/20 vision it's not very easy on your eyesight and if you're trying to tune on the fly it takes a little getting use to as well. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I like the polyphonic feature where you strum the strings and see all six. Grab this tuner, you owe it to yourself and you owe it to your tone! It’ll prevent high-end signal loss and squishy dynamic range. It's a great idea and it works just fine on the fly, but I'm way too OCD to not use the ABSOLUTELY STELLAR strobe mode. That got me looking into buying a buffer pedal to put at the front of my chain to add back that sparkle in my tone I had lost. Huge display and built in buffer make this pedal an instant fixture on my board. Very nice tuner. The display is very bright and easy to see, even out in the sun. A Sweetwater Sales Engineer will get back to you shortly. Our stuff never sounded any better ! Now just strum all strings for a fast check. The poly feature is really cool if you need to tune quick during/between songs you just give a strum and see which strings are out then dial those ones individually for a fast tune. The accuracy and features that made it famous all in one small beautiful box.... TC Electronics continue to surpass my expectations. Best tuner I've had ! Precise and excellent pedal and it a must pedal to have. Sweetwater's Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. Awesome tuner. It’s a very good thing. Brilliant design. Both companies are known for making great, innovative pedals, but for cryin' out loud...... QC, QC, QC! I love being able to strum and see which strings are out of tune and immediately go to those particular strings and tune them. So I wanted something durable that I could plug in to. Turning the buffer and display on/off is as easy as removing the back-plate, looking at the manual and setting the two dip-switches however you please. In the off position, your amp will sound. Amazing price for such a great tuner that offers so many options. Went on YouTube and discovered what TC had omitted. I have had my Polytune 3 for a few days now and it is by far the best tuner i have ever used.It is fast and very accurate.And Sam Hillman got it here in a hurry. This works great and now I can use my standalone Bonafide at the end of the chain to ensure no signal loss with long cable runs. Accurate, and clean. I wouldn't use any other tuner. After my experience with this tuner I will never look/use any other brand than TC Electronic. When you press the button, the tuner turns on and bypasses the amp so you can tune in private and spare your listener. A nice LED Display also. This is the best tuner I've found, and I've tried a lot of them!

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