Many religious institutions and organizations provide medical care and necessary services to people all over the world. It teaches us that wealth would not stay with us after death but it is the good deeds that would remain in eternity. 9. Globalisation has generally been linked with economic and political interdependence whi. Religion encourages people to believe in superstitions (e. g. the idea that if you pray for something, God will make it happen). Select a Section 1 /0. I used to be a lot more superstitious and used to complicate simple things in my life. Though Religion has negative impacts it is not possible to have a society without a system of religion. However, at its heart, religion is intended for good. Religion is the origin of most of the world’s holidays, and holidays are fun. Many religions teach that homosexuality is evil (or, at least, they did in the past). Religion has a history of resisting the development of science. Religious practice is linked to greater generosity in charitable giving and volunteering. For example, for over a millennium (from the time of St. Augustine until the Renaissance), Christianity, the dominant religion in Europe, deliberately arrested the development of science and scientific thinking, limiting systematic investigation of the natural world to theological investigation. People want to be able to believe in something don’t take that away from them. It’s pretty harsh to say that someone deserves to suffer for all eternity. GK, General Studies, Optional notes for UPSC, IAS, Banking, Civil Services. 3. There is also beliefs that religion can be dangerous to society when used to advance the interests of a people at the expense of other people especially those with different religious beliefs. Some religious groups place too much emphasis on following the letter of the law with regard to their rules, dress, rituals, etc. It is the binding fabric for the society and provides objectives to people in their lives. So how exactly does religion negatively impact society? Majority of People suffering from drug related addiction turn towards religion to develop will power so that they can leave the habit. The positive effects of Religion have been mentioned as follows. By doing so, they have ostracized the gay community. 5. Religion promotes good will in the society by fostering a sense of brotherhood among the people. 4. I’ll start with the negatives: 1. Religious people are usually dumb and follow whatever their religion or godmen tells them to do. Religion builds community. 14. Positive Effects of Religion. 16. This has been the subject of intense debate for centuries. Compassionate behavior: Religious people are compassionate towards others as religion teaches its followers to be benevolent and sympathetic towards the other human beings. 21. 22. An example would be the Catholic doctrine of the Virgin Birth of Christ, which — let’s be honest — is probably not true. 15. Some people find religious rituals to be very meaningful (e. g. praying the Rosary). Rather, they are caused by how people choose to use religion. Negative effects of religion on individual and society: Religion as an expansionist tool: Since time, immemorial religion was used by the empires to fight wars with other kingdoms. 12. Change in food habits. All religions lay stress on following the path of righteousness and work towards the betterment of the society. 5. Negative effects of religion on society. Christianity (arguably) played a role in the long-term development of women’s rights in the Western World. Related to this, religion teaches people to believe in doctrines that are very unlikely to be true and that an intelligent person should not believe in. And Does Anybody Want It? And you just explained why it causes conflict.everybody wants you to believe in what they believe in and if you don’t believe in what they believe in ten you are wrong. Religion teaches us to be kind to others. 24. Negative effects of religion on society. 20. Let’s find out… Religion is filling people with fear Religious persecution is very negative. It has become a part and parcel of an individual’s life. Many religious organizations are engaged in social work that contributes towards the welfare of society. How religions contribute to the maintenance of social order. Some religions, especially the Catholic Church, have a long history of suppressing human sexuality, even when it’s completely normal and healthy sexuality. Religion has played a role in many wars throughout world history. Some religious groups go even further and claim that you have to belong to their religion to achieve salvation, which would imply that anyone who doesn’t belong to their religion would automatically go to hell. What matters is not how religious or nonreligious you are; what matters is how you choose to make use of your religious views, whatever they may be. The realization of the supreme power above the human ego is only possible by following the path of religion. 20. 27. Innovation and scientific inventions are only possible when people are encouraged to think out of the box. Your email address will not be published. Also read: Positive and negative effects of globalization. With the Why religion is so widespread amongst human societies? So which is greater, the positive effects or the negative effects? Positive and negative effects of globalization, Positives and negative effects of wind energy, positive and negative effects of religion, positive and negative effects of religion pdf, positive and negative effects of religion ppt. Scientific rational thinking is discouraged and people asking questions based on reason are hounded or even killed. I have compiled a list of some of the positive and negative effects of religion on people and on society. For examples, people in India have food preferences mostly like rice in south India and wheat in northern India. 7. However, what has become clear to me is that most of these effects, whether positive or negative, are not directly caused by religion. 21. (See Effects of Religious Practice on Charity) . Are there really positive effects of religion on the society? Followers of a particular religion believe that their teachings are superior to other religions. Read more about the positive and negative effects of religion below. Some religious people try to persecute others for not just their beliefs, but because of their gender or sexual preferences. In this article, I will try to weigh both sides. I have compiled a list of some of the positive and negative effects of religion on people and on society. Since time, immemorial religion was used by the empires to fight wars with other kingdoms. Religion sometimes promotes a patronizing attitude towards the poor. 25. Management practices depend on religion. Early Christianity was much more supportive of women than were most other societies during that time period. People have different food preferences based on the region, climate and also culture. 7. 17. Religious groups have been a driving force behind some progressive movements in history, including the abolitionist movement and the Civil Rights Movement. But you don’t have to agree with me. Some religious communities are very insular and fear the outside world. 18. 9. Many holy books, including both the Bible and the Qur’an, contain some passages which are bizarre and violent and which have inspired some fundamentalists to commit bizarre and violent actions. Religious Trauma Syndrome and the (Negative) Effects of Religion on Mental Health Several years ago, atheist Richard Dawkins made some kind of comment about any and all religion being taught to a child by his or her parents as being a form of "child abuse." The religious view that “God has a plan for you” makes life seem less chaotic. Are there really positive effects of religion on the society? In some countries, religion has too much influence on the government. Religion provides us with role models (e. g. the saints). In general, the hope for the afterlife makes death seem less frightening. 2. 28. 18. Required fields are marked *. Religion teaches people not to question things. 24. With the church at the center of each community and empire, a new form of power and control was gained. Religion sometimes encourages people to delay happiness until the afterlife, rather enjoying this life while we have it. 17. It is only possible when religion is not adopted as the way of life. And when it gets suppressed, people don’t learn how use it. 8. Many of them are beneficial for the groups of people. The Divine Masculine and the End of Patriarchy, Bless the Food, And the Hands That Provided It. (But please note: if people didn’t have religion, I’m sure they would find something else to start a war over.). 6. In fact it is a sweet and bitter pill which is necessary for human life. The hope for the afterlife can be a source of comfort for people who are unhappy in life.

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