Happy gardening! Hoverflies What Are They And Why Are They Important, Companion Plants – A Quick Guide To Assisting Nature, How to freeze broad beans without blanching. Your email address will not be published. It is known to be very rich in vitamin C and is long believed to have antibiotic and healing properties. The larvae of these pests do exactly as you would expect them to, they mine just under the surface of the leaf. They also attract aphids and cabbage white butterflies which can cause serious damage to your crops. The bane of all gardeners, slugs can destroy plants over night and the only effective cure is to hunt for them. They grow exceptionally well in average to poor, well-draining soil with an optimal pH of 6.5. Surprisingly, the plants blooms will be more vibrant and full in poor soil than if planted in rich soil. Nasturtiums are plants that are often used as trap crops for attracting aphids or squash bugs. So are you saying seen is in the bloom? These robust plants will tolerate slight shade but do much better in full sun. Another fairly common problem is yellow leaves, this one is usually connected to over watering. All nasturtiums are edible as far as I can tell, and that means the flowers, the leaves and the seeds. But there is so much more to this colourful plant,using nasturtiums as companion plants bring many benefits. Nasturtium plants produce a sizeable seed that can be easily harvested about 15 days after blooms start to wither, making them ideal for seed saving. When planted soon after the last frost and cared for properly, one can enjoy flowing plants that keep on giving, right up until the first frost of winter. Your email address will not be published. This disease is spread by aphids who basically inject the plants to get sap and spread it from plant to plant. Every year I have a favorite part of the garden. Slugs are usually more active at night, so armed with a torch and a bucket of water, that’s the time to look for them. Hi Angelina, There are many plants that can be grown as companion plants with nasturtiums that will help to repel aphids. Nasturtium companion plants can draw such pests away from vegetable plants like tomato and squash. Plant Nasturtium with these plants to keep crops healthy, fertile, and pest-free: Sow nasturtium seeds directly into the ground, planting seeds ½ inch deep and 12 inches apart. They climb just like vining plants by wrapping themselves around upright supports, trellis work, walls, fences etc… Just encourage the direction by gently tying them in and they will happily climb away. . Nasturtium is a self-sowing flower and drops its seeds on the ground each season. Read on for all you need to know about using nasturtium companion plants. Hi Josie, we’re so pleased to hear that. Required fields are marked *, Calculate how much soil you'll need for your next project. Add a few cherry tomato plants in your hanging baskets and benefit from this wonderful combination whilst saving space. Just remove affected leaves and burn to deal with this problem. Your email address will not be published. But in hot countries they are grown as perennials, growing from year to year. All members of the brassica family need lots of calcium to grow. This is unsightly but not fatal to the plants. There are so many varieties of nasturtiums with new types coming on the market every season. They may have some ideas as to what type of cactus you have. These peppy, eye-catching plants also look fantastic when allowed to cascade from window boxes or over walls.

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