View official tab. One accurate version. UkuTabs is your true source to find chords and tabs for all of your favorite songs. 3 contributors total, last edit on Nov 02, 2020. Use of any tablatures on this site without permission of the tabber is prohibited. Mii Channel Music Tab by Kazumi Totaka with free online tab player. Mii Channel (Ukulele Tab) By Caleb Wong and Caleb Wong. Show more © 2006-2017 Privacy Policy Ukulele players all over the world have direct access to UkuTabs its large and completely free song archive which is constantly being updated with new songs. Difficulty: novice. Learn Wii Song - Mii Channel Theme Ukulele on Ukulele - Create and explore Ukulele tabs for latest and popular English and Bollywood songs. Nintendo Wii - Mii Channel Theme ukulele chords by Misc Computer Games. There was another one of this for ukulele also but I didn't like how it sounded so here's my version. Published about 2 years ago. Tuning: G C E A. This is my first tab I'm posting on here so if there's anything weird or off about it please tell me. I changed the key so it works with the ukulele. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal It's mostly the same, just a few minor changes. Please give feedback and your thoughts on this arrangement. Author Reap3rkeep3r [pro] 61. Some other things were also altered to fit the Ukulele. Thanks, Hope you enjoy! 174,859 views, added to favorites 11,685 times. Playback tabs and chords and learn Ukulele in the most simple and intuitive way using our free online Ukulele tab editor. All Rights reserved.

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