0:55 – Recommendation #1: Take a Blacksmithing Class and Seek Out A Mentor, 2:43 – Recommendation #2: Be An Honest and Diligent Student (Even If It’s Not For You), 4:19 – Recommendation #3: Understanding What the Sensible Questions to Ask Are, 5:52 – Recommendation #4: Ideal Outcome Allows You To Get Extra Time In The Shop, 6:57 – YOU NEED TO BE COMMITTED AND DETERMINED TO LEARN THIS CRAFT. episode provides a collection of helpful techniques for working with metal. For local Seattleites, you can learn blacksmithing through a course at the Pratt Fine Arts Center, alongside a variety of other metalworking classes. Welcome to the Online Metals Maker Academy! Packaging Process Alec Steele walks us through his ups and downs while learning how to hand engrave as he looks to add a really nice embellishment to his Viking Sword. When it comes to grinding, Diresta recommends a 1/4-inch die grinder and selection of … An extremely 90’s safety video summarizing the types of accidents that can occur in a metal shop and how to avoid them. I would also like to thank the instructables community for teaching me so much! Our team has compiled a masterclass YouTube playlist to help you expand your metalworking skill set and take on new challenges. 1:12 – Understanding The Different Shapes and Types Of Common Metals, 6:07 – Drilling, Tapping, and Cutting Bolts, 14:10 – Understanding the Different Files In Metalworking, 20:03 – Workholding and Clamping Material Down, 22:43 – Metal Preparation, Cleaning, and Safety. Justin Voss walks us through setting up a MIG welder from the unboxing to ensuring it is dialed in for your first weld. I hope you do as well. They offer great materials for beginner metalworking projects and practice welds. Layer by layer. Check out our tool steel offerings here and see which material best suits your project. Jobs, Fast Quote Simply put, they are a mystery grab box containing a bunch of different sizes and shapes of the material you pick. If you are looking for sheet material try out 1008/A366 steel. 0:28 – What Tools You Need to Start Soldering, 1:14 – A Quick Tip on Solder (Get Solder That Includes Flux), 2:03 – Start Out Making Simple Rings Using Sterling Silver Wire, 2:42 – Number #1 Obstacle (Solder Doesn’t Fill A Gap), 6:50 – Revisiting The Steps For a Closer View, 8:46 – Final Viewing of Our Soldered Rings, 9:02 – Revisit The Essential Tools Needed. She walks you through her tools, safety measures, and her build. Feel free to watch the videos in the order we have, or jump ahead to specific skills you want to get right to work on: Justin Voss tells us about the first 5 tools he would buy if he was just starting metalworking. by morfmir in Metalworking. It can be adjusted to hold metal pieces of varying sizes. Welding Projects for Beginners: This is a great list of beginning welding projects that can be used for reference and inspiration for your next welding project. Cutting, Piercing, Rough Finishing Tools A beeswax chunk for sawblade lubrication (slide it onto the blade to make sawing easier). Mill Test Reports Learn everything from the basic tools you need to get started, to soldering, forging, and engraving right here! The MIG unit for beginners has an attire range of appealing features for welders of all experience levels. POWERNATION recommends two must have machines for your shop and how to use them. Learn everything from the basic tools you need to get started, to soldering, forging, and engraving right here! there instructables are well done and I have learned so much from them. Firesteel, Forged Vikingstyle. Create An Account, Request URL: https://metalpress.onlinemetals.com/start-metalworking-today-with-15-beginner-videos/. In this episode of Jewelry 101, Susan shows you the basic skills and techniques you need to know on soldering when making your own jewelry at home. Whether you are a master at woodworking and looking to spice things up or curious about getting started in metalwork, this I Can Do That! Excalibur Letter Opener. 1:40 – Similarities and Differences Between A Drill Press and a Manual Drilling Machine, 2:32 – The Keys to Accuracy with a Drilling Machine, 3:22 – Test Cuts with a Manual Milling Machine, 4:52 – Heavier Cut to Measure Accuracy of the Manual Milling Machine, 8:55 – Intro to the Computer Controlled CNC Machine, 10:30 – Test Cut with Controlled CNC Machine, 12:22 – Measuring the Accuracy of the Computer Controlled CNC Machine. Tool steels are an extremely common choice for making knife making due to their distinctive hardness, resistance to abrasion, and the ability to hold a cutting edge in extreme temperatures. In this video, you will learn to engrave using basic engraving techniques and working with fine materials like silver and gold. These authors are all amazing! Basic Guide to … Email: [email protected] 1:54 – STEP 4 Polishing and Buffing with Safety FAQ The one thing to keep in mind at the beginning of your metalworking journey is … Metal working is one of my favorite things to do! Alec Steele hand sands a blade and talks about what he would suggest to those young, inspired, and excited people out there that want to become blacksmiths. Watch as Johnny Brooke gives his metalworking side of the shop a makeover, and see how he reorganizes and optimizes hies more advanced tool layout and workflow. Thank You! Leading producer of metal powders for additive manufacturing, Praxair Surface Technologies, shows you how 3D metal printing works. Interested in getting started in welding for under $500? One each 6″ flat and half... A set of needle files: if you look around you should find a set for under four dollars these days. Low carbon mild steel, steel containing between 0.04 – 0.3% carbon, is a great metal to start welding with. If you followed closely, you may have noticed that the knife forging walkthrough mentioned tool steel. Originally created for the Concord Kids – a group of 5th grade students studying STEM, this video serves as a basic beginners guide to a manual milling machine and a computer controlled CNC Milling machine. Please complete all * marked fields. We know it can be daunting starting a new hobby or practice, but every single one of the experts in these videos has been in your position at one point in their metalworking journey. © Copyright 2017 - TK Online Metals, LLC. Start Metalworking Today with 15 Beginner Videos About OnlineMetals.com 1:23 – Discuss Engraving Tools and Hand Engravers, 1:49 – Grinding and Heat Treating A Few More Engravers Out of Silver Steel, 3:15 – Initial Hammer and Chisel Test Engraving, 4:20 – Understanding Proper Posture, Positioning, and Setup, 6:14 – Cutting From Thin to Thick with Your Hammer and Chisel, 7:43 – Practicing Consistent Arc and Radii Creation, 10:10 – First and Final Attempt Comparison and Final Thoughts. This guide takes you through step by step everything you need to get going and start printing with your 3D printer. You won’t get very far without one. Privacy Policy 1:26 – STEP 3 Polishing the Metal. This is for all of the people who are starting out who might need some good projects to try. In this short video, BikeIt UK takes you through four simple steps that they use to clean and polish the metal components in restoration projects.. 0:34 – STEP 1 Cleaning and Washing the Metal Parts, 0:55 – STEP 2 Sanding the Scratches From the Metal, 1:54 – STEP 4 Polishing and Buffing with Safety. All Rights Reserved. 3:00 – Understanding the Dials and Settings on Your Welder, 3:53 – Where to Place and Position Your Welder, 4:12 – Plugging in Your Torch and Ground Cable Properly Depending on Weld Style, 5:15 – Safely Secure Gas Bottle to Welder with Regulator, 6:48 – Putting Wire Spool Into the Welder, 8:34 – Clean and Preparing Your Metal for Welding, 9:35 – Fine-Tuning the First Weld with Your Machine, 12:38 – Pre-flowing and Post-flowing the Weld, 14:23 – Testing the Welder on Thicker Steel. Customer Survey, Sign In You can also learn to solder at Pratt Fine Arts Center if you are looking for a class. Feel free to watch the videos in the order we have, or jump ahead to specific skills you want to get right to work on: We understand back-to-school looks a little different this year, so we want to do our best to help you fulfill your dreams and to continue inspiring makers around the world. You can connect to these voltages in a twist so it will automatically find the … 3:02 – There Are 5 Major Types of Accidents to Avoid, 8:14 – General Safety Tips When Working with Materials.

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