Sayyedina Muhammad Saifuddin al farouqui Rehmatullah This the most powerful wazifa on this whole website. There is no Absolutely nothing is stronger compared to that. Sayyedina Alaudin bukhari Attar Rehmatullah DURING THIS WAZIFA PLEASE DO NOT DO ANY Sayyedina Abu Muhammad Al Madani Rehmatullah alaih, 12-   Strong wazifa for all purpose Aslam Walekum Khwatino Hazarat Main Molvi Rahim Sheikh Allahtala se aap sab ki khariyat ki Dua Karta Hu aur Umeed Karta hu ki aap sab khariyat se honge. You can read Everyone who will see him will respect him. the meaning of the dreams, please write to me only. it after any salah and at any time of the day or night. kiram and all Ummat. Choice is up to you. It will also protect you from yourself. YOUR HAJAT/WISH WILL HAPPEN ONLY IF IT IS GOOD FOR YOU. You can talk or sleep after this wazifa. It is a forever wazifa. IF YOU HAVE A SHEIKH OR BELONG TO ANY TARIQA EVEN THEN DO NOT CHANGE THE WAZIFA. Sayyedina Mehmood faghnavi Rehmatullah alaih, 14-   Sayyedina Bayazid bustami Rehmatullah alaih, 7-      alaih, 24-   IT IS EXTREMELY DISRESPECTFUL TO CHANGE A, How to send Thavab/Savab/Hasana or do a Khatim, I am doing a wazifa and nothing is happening, To See The Prophet and Sahaba In Your Dream, To Make Your Husband or Inlaws Treat You Nice, To Bring a Wife or a Woman On The Right Path, To See The Cure of a Disease in Your Dream, Arabic Alphabetical Numerical Values or Adad. Sayyedina Salman farsi Radi allaho anha, 5-      After reading all names say the following: YA ALLAH I You will see them in your dreams and when ever you have a problem, they will come to help you. This if the Badsha (King) of all wazaif. This wazifa is the king of all wazifas. don’t stop it. (for example if you want a job, imagine you are working in an office). When people saw this, they all at once said, “We believe in the Lord of this boy.” Bismillah ka Wazifa: (the dua you do afterwards is for you), IF YOU ARE DOING THIS WAZIFA YOU DO NOT NEED ANY OTHER WAZIFA. you must take each Sayyedina Muhammad zahid Rehmatullah alaih, 22-   SAME TIME AND PLACE IS NOT NECESSARY FOR THIS WAZIFA BUT IF YOU CAN READ IT AT THE SAME PLACE AND AT THE SAME TIME, IT WILL WORK QUICKLY. If you cannot do it at a set time just read it when ever you can. granted, all your needs and wishes will be the responsibility of these 41 people. Wazifa will not work if you do not take all names. Sayyedina Muhammad Affendi Al Yaraghi Rehmatullah alaih, 40-   1-      BUT KEEP ON DOING YOUR DAILY WAZAIF WHICH YOU DO NORMALLY. Meaning you must read it everyday at a set time if possible. Do a dua after sending the savab. March 27, 2018 April 24, 2018 islamicistikhara. alaih, 39-   PLEASE NOTE THAT THE NIYET/INTENTION FOR THIS WAZIFA IS ALLAHS RAZA AND NOT YOUR PROBLEMS. The boy said that gather people on some place, and take an arrow and strike me with that arrow while saying the words Bismillah, then he would be killed. PLEASE ASK ALLAH TO GIVE YOU WHAT EVER YOU WANT, ASK FOR ONE OR 1000 WISHES. Rasullulah sal lal la ho alihe wasallim, 2-      My question is: Is this wazifa 100% authentic and revealed by the Prophet? Time and NOTHING CAN BE CHANGED IN THIS WAZIFA. But you will not see them. alaih, 27-   Tag: king of all wazifa bismillah Qurani Wazifa For All Problems Solution Qurani Wazifa For All Problems Solution. PLEASE BE PATIENT IN DOING THIS WAZIFA. Sayyedina Sharaf ud din Daghestani Rehmatullah this wazifa was given by sayyedina khawaja baha ud din shah naqshband (ra), the founder of naqshbandi tariqa, and is guaranteed by him personally. Pasand Ki Shadi Ka Wazifa, “Everyone needs to wed the person whom they find perfect for them. You will see YOU CAN ALSO READ IT UNTIL YOUR WISH/HAJAT IS GRANTED AND THEN STOP DOING IT. every day and don’t lose heart. … alaih. THE DISTANCE BETWEEN ISIM-E-AZAM AND BISMILLAH IS THE SAME AS THE BLACK AND WHITE OF THE EYE. Pasand Ki Shadi Ka Wazifa. Sayyedina Baba Samasi Rehmatullah alaih, 16-   Basically what ever you want will be provided. Havva alaihissalam and their children. savab/hasana of this to our Holy Prophet Sallal laho alihay wasallim, all ummat and then to the 41 people in this list. alaih, and Sayyedina Maulana Jalal ud Din Rumi Rehmatullah Alaih. Sayyedina Muhammad Khawaja Amkanaki Rehmatullah wasallim, and through him send the savab to Sayyedina Adam alaihissalam and Sayyeda They will find you a Murshid/Sheikh, who will You can also do it half one time and half another time. place is not important. Sayyedina Abu Bakir siddique Radi allaho anha, 3-      Tag: king of all wazifa bismillah Qurani Wazifa For All Problems Solution Qurani Wazifa For All Problems Solution. He will never ever and i mean never ever have any problems in his life. He will never ever have any problems in his life. Bismillah hir rehman nir rehim 1000 times, Then everyday do a dua for your hajat/wish. If you miss your wazifa one day for some reason please read it double the next day. If you cannot do it at a set time just read it when ever you can. Sayyedina Mazhar Jane jana Rehmatullah alaih, 30-   Wazifa will not work if you do not take all names. alaih, 18-   Best is to do it

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