Wolfgang and Maxwell in the first chapter of Adventure Mode. Maxwell's perks description used to be: "Is dapper but frail; Can fragment his own mind; Brings his own sword." Also, Maxwell has been on the Nightmare Throne for god-knows-how-long, as a puppet of these Shadow People. The de facto antagonist of the base game, if freed at the end of Adventure Mode he returns to his dapper human form, and is sent to The Constant as another survivor. In the Shipwrecked (SW) DLC, Maxwell's Puppets will aid him when hacking things with a Machete and they will have their own shadow version of the Row Boat making it possible for them to follow him across islands, unlike other Followers. If the Codex is lost, it can be crafted again for 2 Papyrus, 2 Nightmare Fuel and 50 health. Maxwell's relationship to Abigail and Wendy was hinted at in the William Carter Puzzles where twins are mentioned in Jack's postcard. Maxwell's foil Steam Trading Card for Don't Starve. Don't Starve Together. HEHEHHEHE. Maxwell is currently one of five characters that can not be unlocked by gaining. Portrait of Maxwell's "The Victorian" skin in DST. Maxwell weakened and angry at the beginning of the "Darkness" chapter. Maxwell's Steam Trading Card for Don't Starve Together. Summoning multiple Puppets to reduce the maximum Sanity is a good way to get Maxwell to stay almost insane for long periods of time, which is not easily obtained normally due to his Sanity regain buff. In the multiplayer version, Don't Starve Together, chronologically the events in the game happen after the completion of Adventure Mode. Portrait of Maxwell's "Verdant" Skin in DST. Maxwell put to sleep with a cooked mandrake. As part of DST's Compendium, Maxwell's backstory is given an official summary: The former king of the Nightmare Throne and an egomaniac to boot. +20/min Maxwell is by far one of the most interesting characters in Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together.Not only is Maxwell’s backstory one of the most captivating, but Maxwell is the only reason why the Don’t Starve universe, The Constant, exists.. Maxwell is quite frail, having only 75 Health, but Maxwell has perks like none other. After settling down with his newly found alter ego and knowledge, Maxwell met a woman named Charlie who applied to work as his assistant for his magic shows. In DST, Maxwell starts the game with the Codex Umbra and 6 Nightmare Fuel. As he delved deeper and deeper into his magical tome, immersing himself in its secrets, the dark knowledge within addled his mind and clouded his heart. Their magic shows appeared to be successful, creating very convincing acts using the knowledge Maxwell acquired from the book he discovered. Later in 1906, Charlie went to Maxwell's apartment after not hearing from him in a few days, but instead of finding Maxwell, she discovers his hidden "study room", with various symbols and incantations crudely scratched on the walls. Maxwell will only appear again in Adventure Mode. Maxwell is noticeably shorter than his NPC version for gameplay reasons. The Puppet Master Comments (9) mustwin123. Players have to click on him to read all the lines. His Sanity regeneration bonus can also make it hard to stay insane and reap the benefits of that state. Since I wasn't able to find any guide about him here, I … 200 Is that the antagönist tö my saga?! They work hard! In addition to the Codex Umbra, which allows him to fragment his mind, Maxwell starts off with his own fighting gear and valuable items. Portrait of Maxwell's "The Gladiator" skin in DST. He took this new knowledge of magic and began to incorporate it into his magic shows, and went under the new stage name "The Amazing Maxwell". 150 Arrg! Codex Umbra acts similar to Wickerbottom's books, but has an infinite durability. Great support weapons are the, Players can also take advantage of the behavior of, Maxwell also has the advantage of being capable of building a.

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