I've been thinking about reapplying next year to an Engineering degree instead (probably Mechanical Engineering) because the job prospects are so much better, and also the grade requirements seem to be lower than economics so it would be possible for me to go to a better university. Furthermore, engineering gpa actually sets a roadblock for some of the banking careers. This is higher than the average pay of most degrees including most engineering degrees including civil engineering. They also get paid better. 2 Depending on the program, an MS in engineering can be a step on the path toward a PhD and an academically focused career in engineering. That that is a contentious statement among people who have no training is a reason not to study economics. A chemical engineer is never gonna use the actual classes he's learned, rather than killing yourself in chemical engineering, it's a much better deal to major in economics where at least you'll use some of it. However, some would argue the principles of economics are better understood if first seen in practice – as in, first one must understand the financial system in order to make any sense of economics as a topic. However, it is lower than the average reported pay for computer engineering ($87,000), electrical engineering ($92,000), and computer science($85,000). Well I wanted to go into finance, so I thought doing an Economics degree with lots of finance modules would set me up properly for that. It is also higher than the average reported pay for economics which is $71,173. A study conducted in 2016 revealed that economics graduates, on an average, earned €11,000 more than other professionals. A Master of Science (MS) in engineering is generally considered a research-focused degree and typically requires completion of a thesis or a research project. Master of Science in Engineering. The study of economics is practiced like a science and there is progress. It's kind of how if you live in Kansas you might regret studying biology and … That way, the principles of economics can be learned on an individual level, before being applied to the wider society and world. Relationship between economics and the world: Economics is truly an omnipresent subject. Why do some teams end up doing better in big cities rather than small ones? The key difference between Accounting vs Engineering is that accounting is the process of recording, maintaining as well as reporting the financial affairs of the company which shows the clear financial position of the company, whereas Engineering is the application of science in order to design machines, buildings, and other items. I also had the impression that someone with an Economics degree could rise up the ranks in a bank faster than someone who had an Engineering degree because the one with the Econ degree would have more knowledge for the advanved roles.

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