(4) Dispose of contaminated items, especially soiled dressings, in accordance with local policy. (3) Place the patient in a position of comfort that he likes. Wound irrigation, when performed properly, can enhance wound healing. Pressure is the key to effective irrigation. A mask may be needed to protect the wound from contamination by microorganisms from your respiratory system. Patients may be taught to perform wound irrigation at home. Release the bulb and allow the syringe to fill. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the author, and do not represent the views of WoundSource, Kestrel Health Information, Inc., its affiliates, or subsidiary companies. (1) Remove the protective pad from under the wound. distributes medical information that may be useful to 10 to 15 psi) will be more effective at preventing infection, according to recent research. Ear irrigation is a routine procedure used to remove excess earwax, or cerumen, and foreign materials from the ear. b. Wash Hands. Wound irrigation involves the use of fluid to remove: Irrigation of a wound prior to an operative treatment is discussed in section III. Laurie Swezey RN, BSN, CWOCN, CWS, FACCWS is a Certified Wound Therapist and enterostomal therapist, founder and president of WoundEducators.com, and advocate of incorporating digital and computer technology into the field of wound care. If the pressure within an abscess goes unrelieved, it may cause a sinus tract (an opening between the abscess and body surfaces). g. Position the Patient. h. Position the Protective Pad. Pat dry any intact skin and cover open areas with sterile gauze or a sterile towel. Lacrimal irrigation is a relatively simple procedure that can help enhance your patients’ tear flow. (a) Grasp the asepto syringe, depress the bulb, and insert the tip of the syringe into the irrigating solution. Check the Doctor's Orders, Therapeutic Documentation Care Plan, or check with the supervisor to ensure that a wound irrigation is to be performed. The opened wrapper will be used as your sterile field. Ask the patient his name and check the patient's identification bracelet, bedcard, or other identification. It is not as simple as pouring normal saline over a wound prior to dressing it – it must be performed properly in order to get the most out of this frequently misunderstood intervention. Make sure that there is adequate lighting of the wound area. Linens and clothing may be soiled if care is not taken to protect them. noted, do not necessarily reflect the views of the Brookside Associates, j. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or product usage. and publications on this website are unclassified. Your instructions will specify the type and amount of solution to be used to irrigate the wound. Assist the patient, as necessary, to raise his body. Wound irrigation is the steady flow of a solution across an open wound surface to achieve wound hydration, to remove deeper debris, and to assist with the visual examination. Bladder irrigation is a procedure used to flush sterile fluid through your catheter and into your bladder. medical professionals and those in training to become medical professionals. The irrigation solution is meant to remove cellular debris and surface pathogens contained in wound exudates or residue from topically applied wound care products. To don the mask, place the mask on your face and pull the elastic over your head. Wound irrigation can be performed almost anywhere (any setting) on any part of the body. Wound irrigation is a common task performed by wound care clinicians. This is done to ensure that you perform the procedure on the correct patient. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall; 2008.

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