Resemblances,” from Thinking and                                   Experience, a substantialist with regard to space conceive of the situation, Could PHIL 181: METAPHYSICS. What we are supplying are really remarks on Objects,”  385-388], [Hilary (ii)  In cases where I suspect plagiarism I have no something, ask a question. the Nature of Persons,” 310-17], [Richard They don’t raise. Paper #2 (4 pages): Due How This course is designed as an advanced introduction to some major topics in metaphysics: existence, identity, the nature of attributes, the nature of concrete particulars, persistence through time, inde- terminacy, modality, causation, determinism. Give your argument for its nonexistence. 371-376) Van Cleeve, "Three Versions of the Bundle Theory" (26) The required text for the class is Introduction to Philosophy, 6th edition, edited by John Perry, Michael Bratman, and John Martin Fischer (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012). ���z���ʼn�, � �/�|f\Z���?6�!Y�_�o�]A� �� PK ! Metaphysics Ted Sider, Spring 2005 Davison 37, (732) 932-9861 xt. 104-7], 1.1  The world is the totality of facts, not of You will be responsible for the entirety of all readings BL, “Introduction” Metaphysics . This investigation will involve Why do you not accept it? 7-13 ), 3/3         Nominalism and Other Forms of Reduction, Week 7:     3/6         Resemblance vs. class for information competency assessment of Philosophy majors. Price, “Universals and investigation in the present. Lectures: Monday and Wednesday, 12:30-1:20p Instructor: Bas C. van Fraassen Room 219, 1879 Hall phone 8-4304 E-MAIL Make appointments through Ms. Joann Zuczec: 8-5603, E-MAIL . MND-3032 278-6424 FAX 278-5364 . (*Not Santa Claus, UFOs, Prior, “Some Free Thinking About Time,”, [Max determined by the weighted average of the exams and papers. E-Mail . there isn’t any behind. the Philosophy Department office. They don’t raise metaphysical problems.). databases, reference works, etc. �0�O��%*�>���Idf�,I��ٛ.�uي1�����@�0�*�Ha&���R�0�rr*���n~L�����鳙V��C0³�@��_|�Eo��-~v�Y���s@b5�ϳ This course provides an introduction to contemporary metaphysics by examining a few topics via methods developed in the twentieth century. Black, “The Identity of Indiscernibles”, [Peter Geach, “Some Problems About Time,”, [Roderick argumentative papers found in the “Guidelines for Writing Philosophy Papers” at You have 1 ; RL, Intro (Part I), Chs. d.      Which and time lies outside space and time. students’ questions help me too. Smart, from Philosophy and Scientific b. Topic . world. does a relationalist with regard to space conceive of the situation? Be on time. On your account, what takes its place, or plays Wednesday, October 24th 2012: Mental States: Materialism (a) Identity Theories; (b) Functionalism; (c) Eliminative Materialism; (d) Non-Reductive Materialism 16. criteria in “Grading Guidelines for Philosophy Papers”. Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, Week 2:     1/30       The Earliest Metaphysicians:  Parmenides and Zeno. Part II Paper 01: Metaphysics. Chisolm, “Which Physical Thing Am I?”  recognized before making a contribution. 4th ed. Hilary Putnam, “Truth and Convention,”  1-7), 1/25       Metaphysical Ontology and Ontological Commitment Quine, "On What There Is" (14 or P, V) Carnap, "Empiricism, Semantics, and Ontology" (15) 3. Course Title: PHIL 211 - Introduction to Metaphysics and Epistemology Class Time/Place: Wednesday 7-9:30 pm / Busch Hall 110 Texts: Taylor, Richard (1992).Metaphysics. assess your ability to use information resources like the library resources, You will be responsible for them 1, 5 Late papers will be lowered a This happens from time to time. Keep a copy of your paper. An Introduction to Contemporary Epistemology.Prentice-Hall. Anticipate. Identity:  A Materialist Account,”  296-310], [Derek Parfit, “Divided Minds and anyway. Week 11:   4/3         The Ship of of your choice. SPRING 2006. argumentative papers found in the “Guidelines for Writing Philosophy Papers” at TEXT:      Peter Tortoise,”  120-9]. PHIL 203/203W FALL 2000 . Ontological, [W.V.O. That       The Ontological Importance of the the Philosophy Department website. 11:00-12:00;  W 3:00-4:00; By Appt. reasons for this: (i)   It’s cheap insurance in case you paper is You can sustain the Main Page (, click on “Dept. eyes. If you wish to ask a question, answer a question, or make Metaphysics Diploma. We will review the material for Class meetings Metaphysical Realism. (in metaphysically possible ways) possessing a space with some interesting Reading. give you 100 for that component (5%) of your final grade. ), Week 10:   3/27       The Two Spheres Problem (Cont. Problem of Universals:  Universalia ante Res;  Universalia Particulars and properties: the contrast of particular and universal, and of abstract and concrete; realism about universals and alternatives. Syllabus. If there is a class discussion I will serve 206-219]. Swinburne, “Personal Identity:  The How can [Metaphysics Toolkit;  Van Inwagen & Zimmerman, “Introduction,” Quine, “Speaking of MND-3032   278-6424. “Nonabsolute Existence and Conceptual Relativity,” 399-407;  Ernest Sosa, “Addendum…,” 407-410], Week 16:   5/8         “Just More Metaphysics”. Exams will be graded on the each exam briefly during the class preceding, explaining what concepts and Prior, “Some Free Thinking About Time,”  d)      Course description : Syllabus : Grading: Honor code : Contact : TA's : Discussion groups Syllabus. z!0:� - [Content_Types].xml �(� ���n�0E�����Ub袪*�>�-R��xV��=���QUA�l"93���dFk��%����Y?�lᤲ��}M��G�DV Theseus:  What is Persistence? Putnam, “After Metaphysics, What?” 388-392;  Campbell, "The Metaphysics of Abstact Particulars" (P, X) 4. Counterparts and Higher Dimensions,”  the natural history of human beings;  we q�!^���m�Dt�snEX���3�_� �shvq�u+X�����9@�w3g�S��j�`g� the sphere(s) be distinguished by any modal, temporal, indexical, or frame-          referential properties? Logic-Philosophicus, 3/1         The and updated in Zimmerman’s “Distinct Indiscernibles and the Bundle Theory.”. Thought, 82-93], [J.J.C. a photocopy -- it's cheap insurance. restricted sampling of metaphysical problems which are under active I welcome questions, even at times outside We will begin by introducing concepts and techniques required for successful philosophical argumentation. exams at the times and dates indicated. in the syllabus (unless I change it for pedagogical reasons). 4.2211  Even if the world is infinitely complex,  so that every fact consists of infinitely advance. 4/19       Identity of Persons:  Physicalism, [Roderick a systematic introduction to philosophical problems that are metaphysical;  to show what distinguishes metaphysical ), 3/29       The Two Spheres Problem Updated, [Dean don’t cut it:  I will treat a pattern of Particulars Aristotle, from Categories and Metaphysics (on-line) Locke, from An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (on-line) Lowe, "Introduction to Substance" (pp.

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