Understand the need for the project and then architect the cloud infrastructure according to the requirement of resources. Surprisingly, this is one role where soft skills play a crucial role alongside technical skills. Therefore every organisation has a requirement for a cloud solution architect either they have migrated their infrastructure to the cloud or not. So this industry required many cloud solution architect to connect the companies infrastructure to the cloud. This means digging into a host of important technologies, including virtualization, software-defined networking, network infrastructures, physical and virtual storage, data center computing, backup and recovery technologies, disaster recovery, and business continuity. So if you have full faith in yourself that you can pass the certification exam without taking any training, you can escape step 5 in the way of becoming a cloud solution architect. Though the average salary for architects varies widely by area of expertise, experience and industry, IT architects are typically senior staff who frequently earn well above six figures. For more information visit our, Computer Science Engineering | B.Tech A [Complete Guide], Chemical Engineering Career Path | How to start?…, Genetic Engineering Career Path |How to start?…, How to Start a Career in Environmental Engineering |…. If you are interested in knowing more about Cloud Technology you can refer this article; Detailed guide about the cloud & cloud computing that a non-technical person could also understand and can easily learn abou cloud computing. You will get all your questions answers in this article; Cloud Computing Career path. It feels good to see the tools and applications of the domain in which you are interested. And after that managing all the cloud infrastructure. I don’t think this booming requirements of cloud solution architect is going to slow down anytime soon. Same applies to cloud solution architect, but here the buildings are the cloud (Digital Cloud). Architect (in General term): Someone who makes plan and design before actual construction happening by understands all the requirement of a project referred to as an architect. Therefore your area of expertise will be IaaS. Why cloud technology is being popular. Like any others career required similarly to become a cloud architect, you should have a primary education before moving to any career path. There are many cloud vendors who provide certification in cloud architecture. You can go for it in the future while doing the job. Certification adds a great value to your resume and provides lots of job opportunities. Education required to become a Cloud Solution Architect Education 1 (Mandatory): High School Diploma You must have to pass your High school with Maths and Computer in order to become a cloud solution architect. Architects get involved with initial requirements analysis and see things through to retirement and replacement much further down the road. Because after becoming a certified solution architect the salary package you would get at least double as compare to the non-certified cloud engineers. What are the features of cloud and how to use? Provide the strategies to efficiently use the space in cloud infrastructure. Cloud computing was first introduced by Amazon (AWS) in 2004, and because it is a new technology not many people are expert in this field. Yes you can learn by yourself there are plenty of resources on internet and books. Over the years, as IT has become vastly more complex, numerous types of IT architect job roles have evolved. How a non-technical person can make their career in Cloud Computing. Before going for the certifications or enrolling for any short-term courses or diploma. However, if a person belongs to the non-technical background but he/she wants to be a cloud solution architect then obviously he/she have to struggle hard as compared to a person with the technical background. To get entry level job no need to do masters but this would be a great help at the time of promotion. And so, AWS is the largest shareholder in the cloud industry followed by Microsoft Azure. It's as much about understanding and accommodating the people who make use of computing and the services it can deliver as it is about the systems that run them and the networks that tie them together. That is to say, any graduate whether they have done their graduation in the technical related field or just graduated in Arts or from any subjects, they can pursue this career path. [1] You should have a PC or laptop (the configuration would be fine in the medium range (not too high or not too low)). A person who wants to pursue cloud computing career path must have a technical background. Let’s get an overview of what is cloud solution architect and try to understand what you will be going to up to. Different cloud provider in the industry and difference between them. How a non-technical person can make their career in Cloud Computing. Other than the above skills sets, as a cloud solution architect, you must have a clear understanding of these things. Modern cloud architects plan and design cloud environments, typically providing guidance throughout the life of a cloud-based development or deployment project. There are no formal educational requirements to become a cloud architect. Thus we can say that an architect plays a vital role in the foundation to build something stable and efficient. So being a cloud solution architect you are going to get mastered in IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). So these training institutes and short-term online programmes will really help you a lot to achieve success in cloud computing industries in a short span of time. Don’t worry it does not cost you any single penny you just need to complete their signup process. It does not matter what are the subjects you have in your high school. Much like the other kind of architecture, IT architecture is both an art and a science. Architect (Cloud Computing):  A Cloud Solution Architect is a person who is responsible to build an environment/ Infrastructure over to the cloud by planning and designing the available resources. The best option to enrol for the master’s degree program is while doing the job, like the vast majority of IT people preferred. What actually I am going to do as a cloud solution architect in an organisation? These are the six steps that you should have to pass in order to become a cloud solution architect. You just need to get an overview of the tools provided by these cloud vendors. Migrate all the application and their databases on the cloud infrastructure using industry-leading tools, utilities and methodologies. What are the services offerd by cloud providers? However, this is not completely true that a person with a science stream is only able to pursue cloud solution architect path. In this article, I will tell you, what are the best online available programs you can consider to get certified? What are the best online courses to learn Cloud Solution Architect? This is the short way it will consume much less time to learn cloud architecting than the first option. These are the following certifications, which are in most demand (Descending order), [1] AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, [2] Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions, [3] Google Cloud Certified Professional Architect, [4] Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA). However to get an entry-level job in cloud computing certification is not mandatory. So if you did not enrol for training then you should be fine after getting certified. And what to know before following this career path? To get certified in one of the above-mentioned certification you can join some online courses. The tools you will be going to use to design and troubleshoot companies infrastructure would completely depend upon which of the cloud service provider you are going to choose to get expertise in cloud solution architect i.e.

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