Any business which wants to survive will go to leaner margins in tough times. Weird email from HR about dress policy a lot of elevator talk about all of this. Like the E&Y report, Mr. Shandro also kept promising that layoffs of laundry and other support workers represented by the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, and future layoffs of cooks and housekeeping staff, will save money. Hope this guy isn’t drawing CEO pay and his Board pay since we’re so worried about budget (with 16+ billion in reserves). The headlines still screamed about 11,000 AHS job losses. The UCP have done a very foolish move here. I think Mr. Shandro has mostly alienated whatever media friends he may have had. “I asked @stevebuick2 how we should deal with him in the future, given that his word is no good. If it’s going to... I am sure everyone of the employees affected by this layoff announcement wishes Premier Kenny heeded his own words to first do no harm. Yes, today’s actions by the UCP do sound crazy, so crazy as to be completely unhinged. Any similar... Only a UCP back-bench fast-food purveyor would see this as a reasonable business model. Have employees been kept informed routinely? Instead, they appear to have spent the long weekend writing up an 82-page implementation report that eliminated acknowledgement of the plan to lay off nurses and other front-line clinical professionals, which they proceeded to send to friendlier reporters at Postmedia, allowing them to beat the CBC reporters who did all the work. A Mutual Legal Reserve Company, HCSC is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Health Care Service Corp., the Blue Cross & Blue Shield Illinois parent, is laying off a few dozen employees following a wave of executive exits., What then? read more, Somebody wrote layoffs will continue through February - is this true? Layoffs at Ascension Health Michigan could amount to over 1,000 employees. Shame on these uncaring politicians! One report said that most of the layoffs will be rural and small town. No additional reductions are planned at this point, Thompson said. —  White collar employees, ranging from software programmers and legal assistants to sales associates and some health care workers, are absorbing layoffs or salary cuts. Yesterday’s speech reflected a total lack of understanding about the economic crisis through which we are living as a country.”. When we are in a second wave of the pandemic, with covid, it will only make things even worse. Government and AHS officials both promised to give Mr. Rusnell and Ms. Russell the comments they requested — but they reneged and never called them back. How many layoffs will we have? —  Layoffs at sr dir and exec dir levels Only. Follow the money! So this is how Mr. Shandro and his press secretary Steve Buick responded, Mr. Rusnell said in a tweet posted early this afternoon. The Notley government tried “borrow another billion”. In any event AHS will be in plenty of disaray over the next few years, whether it is from the contracting out announced now or the lay offs to come. Seems like... question for the UCP health minister: I am a senior who is still working full time, but plan to retire in the next year or 2. All we are asking of the Government of Canada is to let this province and our resource industries to get off their knees, to get back on to our feet during the largest economic contraction since the Great Depression. Are the Recent HCSC Firings from July 2019 Through Today Preparations for a Merger? The UCP’s ultimate goal is to have privatization of health cate. They also knew a lot of Albertans, including many of their own supporters, would be furious at the thought the government was about to make heavy cuts to an already overstressed workforce on the front lines of the war against COVID-19 — the one health care war almost everyone except a few cranks agrees really needs to be happening. Then they called the hastily organized news conference at which Mr. Shandro and an uncomfortable looking Alberta Health Services CEO Verna Yiu did their best to spin the story as not having any impact on front-line health care while COVID-19 remains a threat. No information was available on how many of the layoffs were in... If Alberta wants to be like the United States, and you privatize medical care, you too will have the uninsured, the underinsured and the bankrupt just like they do.

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