Pair a mahogany neck and body, or mix it up with a Swamp Ash body to round out some of the top end. Ibanez ranks as one of the world's largest guitar and effects builders with a wide range of models covering virtually every style of music. When buying a … Great on Maple for players who really like to cut through the mix and get super twang, or for rock and metal players that like high end, and that forever sustaining note. If the worldwide governmental agencies can get a firm grasp on how the rules are interpreted, we will revisit this, but for now, we will no longer export Rosewood products outside of the U.S.A. Any existing orders for Rosewood will be processed and shipped, but new no orders will be accepted. C $711.41 +C $27.10 shipping. Our pegheads are reminiscent of classic shapes, but are original to USACG. We offer the following straight and compound radii options with no additional upcharge. Complete genuine quality guitar bodies with necks to begin your next build. Awesome for Blues, Jazz and some breeds of Rock. One piece necks use a walnut skunkstripe. Necks . We use a .208″ thick fingerboard (thickness before the radius is milled) on our 2-piece construction guitar necks. Many other builders saw how comfortable this was, marrying the vintage feel in the lower frets, and more modern flatter radius up high. Necks . We bevel the fret ends and roll the edges of the fingerboard for a more comfortable feel. From intonation to playability to vibe, the guitar neck is arguably second only to pickups in terms of the overall effect on your instrument. Luminlay side dots only : $40 additional 2020 Gibson USA Les Paul Standard 50s BODY + NECK Guitar … Gibson Necks Break More Than Any Other Company . In its simplest form, radius can be described as the curvature of the fingerboard. Great for fretless basses because of its hardness, and it is not as bright sounding as Ebony. ET Stratojem - 24 fret, strat style headstock, 1-piece construction, compatible with Ibanez style All . We have the following neck back shapes from which to choose: C, U, Asymmetrical, Super Soft V (SSV), and Medium V. The Medium V shape has a bit less shoulder than the Super Soft V. Although we hate to say “NO”, there are some limitations: 12 String necks, 25″ scale conversion necks, and bass necks are only available in a C shape, but with your choice of thickness. Another caveat is that no rosewood necks for export are permitted to have shell inlay (MOP or Paua). Both round and square heel shapes are interchangeable at no extra cost. We use standard 1/4″ dot inlays for the fingerboard face. Quick View. It is a more time consuming and more expensive approach than just slapping on a .25″ thick fingerboard to avoid the extra work of using a filler strip like some other parts manufacturers. Many are in stock, some need to be custom built !!! Choose from the narrow J width or the wider P bass width. It is oily and porous, so it dampens some of the high end out of the Maple, creating a smoother tone. One piece construction necks  are ONLY available with heel adjust due to the way the truss rod is installed. Our truss rod ends are double welded, and not peened (hammered together with a ball-peen hammer), so there’s no need to worry about the rod breaking inside the neck. Our fingerboards are .208″ thick before a radius is milled. Add To Cart. Two piece construction maple guitar neck: One piece construction maple guitar neck: 4-string two piece construction maple bass neck: 2.25″ wide (or as we call it, the Sharv-Hell neck heel), 2-5/16″ wide, used on our exclusive super wide 1-7/8″ nut width neck. Plain and fancy varieties are available. USA Custom Guitars accepts no responsibility of the items once they have successfully cleared CITES inspection in the United States and have shipped to your location. Ask us when you place your order. Yes, I would like to receive emails from USA Custom Guitars. Why we won’t sell or install pre-slotted nuts. Gibson Necks Break More Than Any Other Company CUSTOM NECKS START AT $500.00 Additional charges will apply depending on woods, fret material, inlay, and other options. 25.5" SCALE GUITAR NECK £190.00 GBP. We know that the way a neck feels in your hand is such an important factor in the playability of your guitar. Necks . Instead we prefer the top mounted version to avoid the stress caused by those holes. The welcome email should arrive within 15 minutes of you clicking the SEND button. With over 80 shape and thickness combinations, plus a choice of time tested tone woods, USACG necks are truly custom pieces, made for individual players’ preferences. IMPORTANT. We feel it is worth the effort because of the tonal benefits of a thinner fingerboard. 1 Piece Stratocaster Guitar Neck Custom Exotic Hand Made *Attila* Strat Neck. With over 80 shape and thickness combinations, plus a choice of time tested tone woods, USACG necks are truly custom pieces, made for individual players’ preferences. Oops, looks like you forgot something. SS frets are available in sizes similar to Dunlop 6230, 6105, 6150, and 6100. Unfinished and Finished Guitar Necks for Replacements or Builds. It always has nice grain, and can range from chocolate to tan in color. 24" SCALE GUITAR NECK. Excellent substitute for rosewood for our International customers. All conversion necks work with any standard (25-1/2″ scale) body. Our OEM customers can expect absolute consistency in multiple run construction, with necks that are ready for finish sanding. We do recommend side dots though. Please see our Products pages for avaliable types. OPTIONS AND CONSTRUCTION TYPES For those looking to build their guitar from the ground up or looking to design a guitar neck truly unique to them, there are guitar neck blanks available for this purpose. Premium shell inlays are available for an additional $15 for face dots only (w/plastic side dots) or $30 for both fancy face and side dots. You can email the MJT guys with any questions at We can also accommodate the LSR roller nut or Earvana OEM nut at no additional cost.

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