Can you help? The roots took the color perfectly but the ends are green now. I think the blue that was in the purple is what got me to that green, but i don't want to change my colour?? My hair is dark brown, am going mermzid stile with 2 colors, last time was so exoensive that i decide to do it myself, and take time in the process and try to not harm a lot the hair, so i have already bleach 3 rounds and, gotpretty orqnges in some spots, so i got a blue toner and voila! Don’t forget to screenshot your fave and take with you to your next salon appointment. Since the colorist stripped the color out of my hair, I'm afraid to go back. I bleached my hair white. If anyone has any ideas on what could have caused it or how to get it out i’d be very grateful as I don’t want to dye it back brown as it cost me a lot of money but I’m also running out of ideas. Now that didn't work? Sounds like a pretty unique situation and you should probably hand it to a professional from here, or just go darker! Just work it in really good, maybe even shampoo twice in the same shower. I've tried everything!! i have a bob btw. Came across "overtone". I used Feria high lift cool brown. Promise. Will the baking soda work? Apreaciate the answer. If you go with ketchup, massage it into green areas and wrap your hair in tin foil for 30 minutes. it’s been gone for awhile. But it did not affect the back of my hair at all. I now have light brien roots with a blue-grayish purple on my ends. It seems a bit unusual that while so many people spend so much money to hide their grey hair each year, a whole different crowd of people are paying big money to get grey hair. Once i got home I realized my highlights looked green and silver instead of golden. I tried Head n Shoulders for about 30 mns with baki g aoda and Dawn soap the blue original, and its worked. . Alex Rose (author) from Virginia on June 15, 2020: Since it was just shampoo, you should be able to go in with a regular shampoo and get the tint out! I fear that dying it won't work, and will only damage it BUT I'm willing to do anything. Ive used a color remover a couple of times and now i have some greenish but its still not all blonde. I wanted really light blonde hair and what I got is gray/green hair. I went to my stylist who put bleach diluted with shampoo on my ends (my ends were so damaged she was afraid to put just developer), it was still green, so she then used a toner over it. Had highlights previously but colored my hair a light brown but as it was fading my roots were turning red and my ends where highlighted we’re going back to blonde. I don't think that helped either. I want to see what color mt hair is after the blue black fades but i dont want to see green.. I would have to say that the grey/silver hair color trend has been one of the most popular hair trends of 2015. All while keeping the integrity of her hair! not sure what to do. It's subtle enough to not be painfully obvious but suuuper annoying please help. Any ideas? Please help. Weird that the powder did that! My hair was light enough, but instead of pink, i ended up with a pastel blue/green hair. Since you've already tried the color remover, you may just have to roll with it. #schwarzkopf #schwarzkopfprofessional #silver #bold #dope #hanzo #bluntcutbob #bobcutstyle #shade #sexy #mafia #behindthechair #hairstyles #haircolor #silverhair #silver, A post shared by BK (@b.k_studios) on Oct 30, 2019 at 4:38pm PDT. Alex Rose (author) from Virginia on July 28, 2020: I don't have experience with Joico, but semi-permanent hair color is only supposed to last 4-6 weeks. Soo.. today all i needed to do was lighten 1 more time then tone it. Alex Rose (author) from Virginia on May 29, 2019: Red would neutralize the green, but your hair doesn't sound nearly light enough yet. I tried lime crime unicorn hair semi permanent hair tint, the color sext, and when it washed out (not even 3 washes later) my blonde was left green!!! So loving this ash silver bob!! I'd apply it to your green spots before showering and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before rinsing out. So i had blue and purple highlights that faded into green and silver. I had platinum hair and dyed it dark blonde. Just make sure you do a hair mask once a week to keep the color (and your hair) looking fresh. Hiwever she the blue came out a very musty shade of green. Alex Rose (author) from Virginia on July 08, 2019: So I've read up on the water quality in Bali and even found an article where a woman said her bleached hair turned green multiple times in Bali because of the water. Hopefully, but if not, try Overtone's color correcting conditioner! Maybe you have light-blonde locks and you hopped in a pool. Especially on Halloween. Iridescent icy white to purple • • • #styledbycryss #stcharles #stcharleshairstylist #stcharlessalon #stcharleshair #illinoishairstylist #hair #haircolor #hairwaves #colorcorrection #dimensionalhair #hairstylist #hairstudio #hairstyle #longhair #shorthair #licensedtocreate #hairinspo #instahair #hairtrends #modernsalon #modernhairstylist #silverhair #purplehair, A post shared by Cryss Saucedo (@styledbycryss) on Oct 31, 2019 at 2:04pm PDT. of blonde and caramal in and going grey so dried this first time in my life I have done it myself and its turned grennishgrey need help I normaly go to the hairdressers thamkyiu. My hair isn't in terrible shape, but my ends have now been bleached three times and I don't think they can handle any more. I put a darker color over my blonde hair, I appear to have a hint of green on my top layers. Just couple of days ago, I bought a clarifying shampoo and after using it, I noticed that some green went away. Dyeing your hair a cool gray color. Hi i wanted to change my hair from red to blond i first used, colour stripper and then bleched it twice it turned a slight shad of green so i put an ash blond but it still has a green colour to it...can u advise what i can do to get it to a blond or maby dye it grey please. Any recommendations? I’m actually obsessed with this gray hair color with purple and violet tones. Any ideas? So, your hair turned green.

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