Any adjustments? evng snack:- banana shake wid 1 n hlf banana and milk 250ml yes you can, make sure protein is in each of the meals . Im sure these fruits are available allover the world. Can I have lemon rice it will have little oil in it k, yes it must have oil/good fat if you don’t do meat. Snack: One boiled egg I have ready yr 2 meal examples more than 50 times. Day 2: Only Vegetables [Started with potato in the mrng] i am confused about the soup. 7 to 8 dinner Please do not visit other websites while doing this diet, so many do that. Dinner- lots of veg n wonder soup great assuming the oil is a good fat not a junk veg oil like canola oil, sunflower oil, etc, Day 5 I had 2 small cutlets of daal + beef , and one egg omelet w tomato and onion cooked in extra virgin olive oil, Lunch beef+onion mix cutlets boiled then fried in one spoon olive oil with one big tomato and cucumber, Dinner i have only one cutlet chicken + potato with one tomato around 11;30 pm I felt hungry then I took veg-meet soup which is cooked with, onion, carrot cauliflower + beef soup one medium bowl. – 2 cups of green tea hot Does it work? 3: if we take small chapati of almost 70 calories with vegs or meat will it work once or twice a week. Snack: Cucumber Today on day 5 I am down 5 kgs following the diet strictly. Is it ok to buy like a hamburger from Macdonalds and eat that as the beef component for the GM diet? Started with 77kg, am now down to 74kg. Sugar I have cut from my life Only will get from fruits :):), no you cannot have that many carbs in one meal, yikes. Is it alright or sud I add few more things? What all vegetables can be chosen for day 6. -  Sitemap - A VerticalScope Property. We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. Hi, Can i ve white rice instead of brown rice..? If you want to lose weight don’t. So far it has been easy to follow. If you want more help please let me know, we can start to break all of this down. but, I can’t have more than two eggs I feel completely full with 2 eggs. what type of fat I am an vegetarian please guide what to do now I am not eating any fat. – 4 small sweet potatoes Hey it is my 5 th day. ….. I decided to finish the diet anyway. and on wich day.. Please post question ahead of time at least 24 hours, prepare. I kept doing this diet for six month and I lost 25 kgs. As its also a source of protein. Dinner: Grilled chicken with cucumber. shall I eat 1 shawarma as dinner on the 6th and 7 th day? what did you eat day 4? Sorry, on a different time zone. then measure at the end…. it is white rice bt containing 75% of brown rice qualities.. 2 tomatoes for evng snack Fat Free is never the way to lose weight. mrn snack wid a bowl of papaya How many cups of juices can I taken for day 7. what should I have for dinner now ? Mid Morning – GM Wonder Soup Admin, I did not understand if coffee is allowed during the diet (no sugar or sweetener), and if grapes are also allowed for the fruit days! And not eating enough food. You can have a snack also, remember less food is not better Eat what we allow if you can. I suppose my blood pressure and/or blood sugar and/or iron levels dropped… It continued for about an hour… So I feel really frustrated… I guess I belong to the 1% of people to whom this diet doesn’t work, because it looks like it does wonders for almost everybody, even for some who cheat as I read in the comments… It’s really depressing. in d dinner sum papaya, and soup made of cabbage or tomato. Day 1 I chopped up 1 pineapple, 1/4 watermelon and 1 mango and made a salad including 1 punnet of each strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. – 2.5 liters of water Kindly recommend any other vegetables than broccoli? Eggs should always be there. Can I drink whatever amount of juices I like? This time I added interesting fruits and vegetables to my diet such as zucchini, asparagus, kiwis, guavas, etc. Purpose – To lose belly fat. Now am 65 kgs . 4) go here, easier to discuss Pls make 2 weeks plan for me so that i can start it. so far so gud havent check my weight how much i have shed till now,i cant resist myself having tea once a day with little amount of milk to it, is this ok? I would like to thank you in advance for the reply. will this stop from me loosing weight?please advise. Well you have your answer, you drink a pure sugar drink 10 times a day, it’s a great way to gain weight. You have to be mentally prepared and strong willed to complete the gm diet however the rewards are worth it by the end of the 7th day. kind of high, you will be OK…. Is it fine to have chicken istead of beef? 3 тыс. for example we will add 125 grms chicken flakes or chicken roll or turkey A great way to gain weight, I am on my 6th day.

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