Google translate is not very useful, I’m afraid … although the katakana form ゴースト is yet another word that is used, mostly to differentiate Western ghosts from Japanese yurei. Some words are even more specific. I’m researching about the true nature of Yokai, for my story and I stumbled upon this very reliable source. as discribed in your post here? Several words in the English language describe souls of the dead who have not moved on to the afterlife. i’m very envious of your knowledge of the japanese language as well as your interest in japan’s folklore. For more about the origins of Japanese Ghosts, you can purchase Zack Davisson’s limited edition yomihon chapbook The Ghost of Oyuki from Chin Music Press. Thanks for posting this! The Ginger Hotel. My first goal was to learn Hiragana. Just something the artist thought sounded cool, and so used it for his title. Thank You Very Much!!! it’s so hard to say as i enjoy coming up with titles and such. 霊 can be read as either –rei or –ryō (or tama, or mitama, or –ki — no one ever said Japanese was easy). Enjoy the story `Drinking Sake with a Ghost` and learn Japanese words! Change ). What’s the Difference Between Yurei and Yokai? Sorei are ancestor spirits who protect the living, and are deeply honored. The confusion between obake and yurei is lcomplicated and ong-standing. Gōsuto ghost. This is the word with the most literary overtones. A simple essay hardly scratches the surface, but a trip to this country is a good way to see just how intricate these beliefs are. I had no idea how complicated it actually was. ... Japanese characters — hiragana, katakana and kanji. 幽霊 noun. Your awesome Zack Davisson. -fictional or not, just being able to have it make sense and not be technically “incorrect”. Hi, Zack. But, can you please give me a very brief information,if you will be able to reply on this comment please please,,(i’m doing dogeza right now),sorry for being persistent.. And is their any Folk stories that you know about the existence of a Hanyo?If I’m not mistaken they are half human and half yokai, can you please share it to your blog…thanks!! Translated Japanese Ghost Stories and Tales of the Weird and the Strange, by Zack Davisson There is one deck that introduces all the kana, how to write them, how they are pronounced and so on. Your awesome Zack Davisson. 祖霊 – sorei – 祖 (ancestor) +霊 (spirit) – Similar pronunciation as above, but with a long vowel and and a drastically different kanji. This is the word with the most literary overtones. Sep 21, 2011 @ 00:15:57. 21 February 2018. One of the words of the land of the dead in Japanese is 霊の世界 Yū no Seikai – The Dim Land. I can understand why it is confusing. 浮かばれない霊 – Ukabarenairei- 浮かばれない(cannot rest in peace) + 霊 (spirit). I was researching about the true nature of Yokai in the internet and I stumbled upon this very reliable source. Some of the heaviest hitters of Japanese folklore have jumped into the conversation. ie ‘soreigumi’? 亡霊 – bōrei – 亡 (departed) +霊 (spirit) – Bōrei is the Gothic term for ghost in Japanese, meaning ruined or departed spirit. Thinking about the anime title, “Yu Yu Hakusho” (Ghost Files), I always assumed that “Yu Yu” was the word for ghost, because it just sounded like a word used to scare children. What is the White Kimono Japanese Ghosts Wear? 怨霊 – onryō – 怨 (grudge) +霊 (spirit) – A popular figure in J-Horror flicks, onryō are ghosts who died with some lingering grudge, and seek revenge against those who wronged them. greg-san. More Japanese words for ghost. I was always curious about other words for 幽霊 and what the difference between 幽霊 and 化け物 was. Otsukare, Sensei—Goodbye to Mizuki Shigeru, Shigeru Mizuki’s Pre-War Notes: An Age of Buried Humanity, Shigeru Mizuki Ends Watashi no Hibi (My Everyday), Cruel Attack at a Inari Shrine—Four Statues Broken at Kego Shrine in Tenjin, Fukuoka, Ashinonai Yūrei (足のない幽霊) – The Footless Yūrei, Goshiki Fudo – The Five Fudo Temples of Tokyo, Kosodate Yūrei – The Child-Raising Yūrei, Countdown to Showa 1939 – 1944 A History of Japan, On Cutting a Spider’s Leg During a Game of Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai, Yurei FAQ – Five Facts About Japanese Ghosts, Mizuki Shigeru and American Horror Comics, Yuki Onba and Yukinko – The Snow Mother and the Snow Child, When Food Attacks – 6 Types of Food Yokai From Japan, Suppon on Onryo – The Vengeful Ghosts of the Turtles. It generally means “A group of … .” and is used from everything from a military context to separating students by homeroom. ( Log Out /  Sorei, however, refers specifically to the conglomerate group of ancestor spirits. Ghost. But I could never find the actual definition anywhere. They are just different names for the same thing. Definitely bad news. For rights clearance please contact Zack at: Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I probably won’t do kitsune anytime soon … some yokai are just to “big” to do proper justice to them in a blog like mine. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. [4], Bakemono is featured in The Terror: Infamy, the second season of AMC's television series, The Terror.[5]. but if there’s a specific rule(s) that’ll clue me in to forming phrases, i’d be grateful. Obake and bakemono are a class of yōkai, preternatural creatures in Japanese folklore. The second kanji, 遊, can also be pronounced asobu, and can carry the nuance of freedom of movement, lack of responsibility, and so on. 悪霊 – akuryō – 悪 (bad) +霊 (spirit) – This is a somewhat loaded term that mean’s simply “bad spirit.”  It carries a more Western feel to it, and could be applied to devils as well as ghosts. Big Sale on Yurei: The Japanese Ghost !!! All translations and other writing on this website were created by Zack Davisson and are copyright to him.

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