A contravention of a NES attracts a civil penalty under the … The Fair Work Information Statement must be given to a new employee before the employee starts employment, or as soon as practicable after that. 2.02 Fair Work Ombudsman to prepare and publish Fair Work Information Statement—manner of giving Statement to employees (1) For subsection 124(4) of the Act, each of … Timor Sea Maritime Boundaries … This information statement is usually provided to the employee … If you intentionally make a false statement in a declaration or … The Fair Work Information Statement is prepared and published by the Fair Work Ombudsman in accordance with section 124 of the . It includes summarised information on: Rights and entitlements; Minimum pay rates; Modern awards – how to find them; Enterprise Agreements; The National Employment Standards – work hours, right to request flexible … The Statement provides basic information on matters that will affect your employment. The provision of a Fair Work Information Statement to all new employees is required under the National Employment Standards, which set out the 10 minimum employment entitlements that must be … The penalty for contravening this section is imprisonment for up to 12 months. Information Statement Page 1 Fair Work Ombudsman ABN 43 884 188 232 www.fairwork.gov.au Fair Work Information Statement From 1 January 2010, this Fair Work Information Statement is to be provided to all new employees by their employer as soon as possible after the commencement of employment. You should review the information statement and make sure that you understand your obligations as an employer and that any agreements you have with employees are not in breach of this. Division 5 ... a Fair Work Information Statement must set out the circumstances, described in subsections 65(1A) and (1B) of the Act, in which an employee may request a change in working arrangements. This must be given to all new employees, as part of an employer’s responsibilities under the National Employment Standards. Giving false or misleading evidence to the Commission is a criminal offence under section 678 of the Fair Work Act 2009. For information tailored to you, register for an online account at.-gov.au/register, or call the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94. Fair Work Act 2009. www.fairwork.gov.au. Failing to give an employee a Fair Work Information Statement means you’ve contravened one of the NES. Fair Work Act 2009 - C2019C00270; In force - Superseded Version; View Series; Act No. Giving false or misleading information to the Commission is a serious offence. 2 • The Fair Work Information Statement can cost more than a sheet of paper . The maximum penalty for a breach by a business is $54,000 and $10,800 for an individual. A new Fair Work Information Statement was released in December 2019. Fair Work Information Statement If you’re a new employee, your employer needs to give you a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement before, or as soon as possible after, you start a job. The purpose of the Fair Work Information Statement is to empower employees with information about their employment rights and how to find more information. … Minimum rights and entitlements Workers in Australia are entitled to basic rights and protections at … Penalties for making a false declaration or statutory declaration . 28 of 2009 as amended, taking into account amendments up to Timor Sea Maritime Boundaries Treaty Consequential Amendments Act 2019: An Act relating to workplace relations, and for related purposes: Administered by: Attorney-General's: Incorporated Amendments. information about the Fair Work Commission see www.fwc.gov.au or call 1300 799 675. Refund of penalty..... 73.

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