In any seed lot, losses of seed vigour are related to a reduction in the ability of seeds to carry out all the physiological functions that allow them to perform. provide for you a wide variety of top-notch essay and term paper samples on any possible topics absolutely. Improved pretreatment to protect seeds from pathogens and priming of seeds in osmotic conditions etc all reduce the probability of low vigour occurring. 4)The reaction of carbonyl intermediates with other amino groups as well as the subsequent rearrangement to form advanced glycosylation end-products (AGE products). The symptoms of heat damage are similar to those where seeds are losing their viability due to old age. (1995) Phosphine fumigation against pulse beetle –. 2. Small seeds may lack food reserves, and large seeds may be more easily damaged by harvesting or have metabolic abnormality. Rapid and uniform germination are among the properties of vigorous seeds (Argerish & Bradford, 1989). Seed Science, Richards, R.A. and Lukacs, Z (2002) Seedling vigour in wheat-sources of variation, for genetic and agronomic improvement. (1972) Seed Biology (Vol. Seed deterioration involves many biochemical and biophysical changes, including the loss of enzymatic activities, the loss of membrane integrity and genetic alterations, although the exact cause of seed viability loss and low vigour is still not well defined, as has already been mentioned (Bradbeer, 1988). minimize damage, slow deterioration. Vigour measurements may be used for predicting potential performance in the field. Germination and seeling survival are usually poor in sandy soils because of low moisture availability. By clicking "SEND", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Water content is another important factor affecting the rate of seed deterioration and potentially resulting in low vigour seed lots. Small seeds may lack food reserves, and large seeds may be more easily damaged by harvesting or have metabolic abnormality. Seedlings from mechanically damaged seeds showed a high proportion of abnormalities; however, this was related to the type of seed damage, with embryo damage resulting in the highest proportion of abnormalities. The most prevalent form of damage was mechanical damage from harvesting and threshing machines. FACTORS AFFECTING SEED VIGOUR Gupta, M. and Kashy, A.P. Seed vigour is a term encompassing the sum total of those properties of the seed that determine the potential performance of the seed or seed lot during germination and seedling emergence (Perry, 1978). seed physiology rakesh kumar nama. Factors affecting seed vigour kartoori sai santhosh. This may be due to inadequate nitrogen fertilisation. Naturally, seed size and performance in warm and cool germination tests can be indicators of how vigorous seedlings might be. Whero had higher vigour seeds than Beacon, especially as determined by seedling dry weight (11 - 28 mg vs 6 - 20 mg). The formation of Amadorii and Maillard products are believed to play significant roles in the ageing process. The damaging effect of phenyl murcury acetae (PMA) on the field emergence of the wheat cultivar, Summit, which exhibited reduced vigour after long storage in contact with PMA at the normal rate of treatment has been demonstrated by Tuohey et al (1972). Seed mechanical damage, whether induced by harvesting or conditioning equipment, as well as improper storage conditions are among the factors that adversely affect seed vigor. In regions characterised by periods of air temperature and relative humidity higher than 25OC and 65-70%, respectively, as in the humid tropics, a storage of more than 3-4 months may be harmful to maize seed viability and vigour unless seed is stored in suitably dry, preferably air-conditioned conditions.

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