Ginning contributed an additional 5 percent to the total mechanical damage of the seed. Both influence germination, as well as other measures of seed quality which affect the ability of seeds to produce seedlings which can emerge and establish. Physical factors affecting seed quality during storage Many factors determine the longevity of seeds during storage. These includes seed moisture content, temperature, relative humidity, initial viability, stage of maturity at harvest, storage gas and initial moisture content of seed entering into storage14. Although seed cotton moisture was mostly below 12 percent, Watson and Helmer High relative humidity 1.1 Factors affecting seed quality Seed quality is determined by a number of genetic and physiological characteristics. Among the factors influencing initial seed quality, those related to crop management, including plant nutrient and water supply during crop growth, climatic conditions during seed development and maturation, as well as the harvest and drying practices are of considerable significance. High-quality seed lots of adapted varieties are the result of breeding, research, and careful management during all phases of seed production. Factors affecting seed vigour 1. FACTORS AFFECTING SEED QUALITY 487 average of 4.2 percent. Seed damage was increased by about one percent during seed cotton cleaning, drying and associated conveying up to the feeder. Of course, it is important to consider because it … 10 t/ha. Factors in Quality Crop Seed Selection Yield Potential. FACTORS AFFECTING SEED VIGOUR To achieve maximal seed vigour of a given cultivar in seed production, efforts must focus on: Producing a seed crop in the best possible environment for development of vigorous seeds Harvesting as soon as possible after physiological maturity (PM) Handling, conditioning, and storing seed to minimize damage, slow … Most farmers would first consider the yield of a particular seed before an acquisition. The genetic ... • physical damage during production or storage by machine or pest • moisture and temperature during storage • age or maturity of seed. The yield of a crop is measured per unit area of cultivated area eg. The onset of desiccation-tolerance and the achievement of maximum seed quality are identified during maturation drying of seed … Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

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