Hi-Hat EQ. Always remember: there’s no single answer for a perfect snare drum sound – it has to fit the song. EQing and compressing a snare is a big part of getting a good drum sound, so you want to practice the techniques we mention in this post. For live drum recordings these days, there are frequently between 4 and 24 mics and sometimes as many tracks. Mixing drums isn’t easy. Most fundamental characteristics live somewhere inside of this range. Brightening up the kick may make the snare sound dull. This is the central area of sound in most snare drums. EQ-Ing LIVE drums...tips I been recording live drums for a couple of months and i'm starting to get a not to bad sound using sonar. Changing the EQ on the hi-hat can alter how the snare sounds. I have them well tuned and been changing my mic positions to get the best set up i was wondering if anyone had and secrets to share about what plugins ect people use to get a good tight sound. The kick drum needs to be tight and punchy, with enough low-end to fill up the bass range and enough mids to cut through the mix. You simply cannot change one sound without affecting the others, because the drums are one large instrument. The kick drum. Equalization (or “EQing”) is an essential process to a great sounding mix and knowing how to do it right will definitely make your mixes sound better. In EQing the hi-hats, you want to … The snare drum can sit nicely in your mix, or it can be a total nightmare. The kick drum sound, along with the snare, will be the defining factors of your drum sound.If the kick drum sounds bad, the foundation of the song will lose its footing. Mixing drums starts with the foundation. But since we’re talking about recording an actual drum set with a live player, then you’d need to be able get a good sound first by using good quality drum mics, before doing any sort of EQ or anything else.

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