Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Through this blog I try my best to keep the things in the most presentable and accurate manner, make it more interesting, engaging and to list the information in the most simple and readable manner. I see my Readers as an equal partner in running this platform. So, I borrowed some time from my hectic life schedules, and scanned various, journals, magazines, newspapers, research reports from Gartner, plus a plethora of credible blog post on the future trends in technology. It’s appears like a boon for foldable devices supposed to hit the markets in the near future. Surgeons in Mumbai- India are already practicing on 3DPrinted Models of human organs like kidney before actually going for live surgery in operation theaters. The most popular one is the headset. In strong camaraderie with bionic technology, we have almost reached to such an extent, where we can replicate or restore human organs, or any small, small body parts of human beings. This revolutionary technology is steering the way people view and observe their surroundings in an entirely different way. Share it, if you find this worth sharing. Some devices are use in this process. Here, physically you are not present in that virtual life, but mentally you are there. Technology has covered a mammoth distance in the last decade. Termed as the most revolutionary one, in the entire history of financial technology, blockchain technology facilitates digital transactions to be distributed and not copied. All these things are in clinical trials now, but you can expect them to enter our life very soon. And we have to do it, however terrifying it may be! Driverless vehicles will have to share the road with manned-vehicles. It has all the potential to fundamentally change the way transactions are recorded and maintained till yet. With just a transparent solar panel over the screen of your phone, it can happen. You can make any object with 3DPrinting, if you have a pre-design of the object in digital form. Considered ideal to weave power into any smart clothing. While the superficial meaning of wearables defines it as the gadgets that humans wear on their body, but it is something more than this. Expected to enter market not before a time span of 5-10 years. It’s a portable battery designed by Lyte Systems, more than enough to charge an iPhone6 in just 6 minutes charging. People are predicting that the future of smart wearables lies more in smart fabrics rather than smart wristbands, smartwatches and smartglasses. The purpose is to make the life of human beings easier. There are so many examples we can find nowadays. Wearables are extremely helpful in weighing us. At the same time, it is stronger a lot, even several times stronger than metal steel. Any new technology has to face the grudge of its current generation. ( A Complete Tutorial For Beginners). Even as per Gartner, although bands and watches constitute major portion of the wearable technology, the fastest growing category is smart fabrics. they must follow all the commands given by a human being. We use them for our professional, work, thesis, paper, exam, graphic design, illustrating, architecture, pdf formation, logo design, etc. The biggest advantage of virtual reality is that with the help of it, you can store any image, video or a film into any common devices like computer, phone, camera and blend any new information into it. In fact, the device can also act like a human mind. Basically, these technologies are used in developing countries to some extent. My dear Readers, we are going to spend some great time, exploring Internet of Things Examples in different areas. Have you heard about Bionic Human? In some recent years, Hybrid Wireless Technology has emerged as a promising alternative which has all the capabilities to defuse the resource constraints in wireless technology. It allows high availability, fastest marketing, without any fault. AI intelligence and cognitive technologies are handing over the intellectual thought process of humans to machines. Nowadays, rockets, satellites, electric cars, robots- hold the most attractive and most innovative ideas. 2016 was the year, when Virtual and Augmented Reality got a major push. And tech pundits are saying that it’s the drone which will lead the future of autonomous navigation and not driverless cars. The web of wearables will take the humans to an exciting world! Interesting fact is that it takes only 12 minutes to get charged fully. It can be possible that I might have missed some of them. The better the device, the better software they get for photoshopping, such as wedding dress photo editing, fashion photo editing, still photo editing, etc. As I have always said that this blog has no individual agenda, except to enrich the information of my readers, who are interested to dig facts deeper in the field of technology. Sooner than expected, it is going to transform the way humans and goods move from one place to another. The world will move on sensors. In the coming future, it is not going to spare a single area. General people may not need this at all. Moreover, doctors are using 3DPrinting to carry on knee replacement medical tasks,  individually customized for each patient. Latest technologies in computer science in 2020 are given below, based on thier demand and job opportunities we listed top 10 latest New technologies in Computer Science.. Today we are living in the world of digitalization we have this new emerging technology. In fact researchers are experimenting 3DPrinting on Graphene- a substance which is extremely flexible and transparent. In the beginning, people look at it with lot of scepticism till the time it reaches a point,  when it becomes profound and integral part of our life. Bionic man is exactly like natural humans. A robot must defend for its survival, but it can not break the first and second law. You have entered an incorrect email address! What is Top 10 latest technologies you may ask? So bullet-proof jackets and T-Shirts are soon going to become a reality! But these are not available still. lies in its capacity to customize the raw materials to be used in production. Imagining the unhappening is not an easy task. Top15 Emerging Technologies in Computer Science You Must Know(A Complete LIST) May 21, 2017 June 6, 2017 | Nivedita Agnihotri. IGNOU IGNOU BOOKS IGNOU GUIDES IGNOU QUESTION BANK IGNOU SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS IGNOU COURSES CBCS BOOKS. Clipping path CA is one of them. But finally at the end of the day all these things need power to function. Expected to be safer, and last longer. You can make any object with. number of Internet of things devices going to shoot up till 50 Billion till 2020, forum is forced to give the top slot to IoT. Required fields are marked *. With the advent of high level technology, just anything is possible! As per the World Economic Forum, IoT is going to be one of the most interesting technology to watch from 2017-2022. as the technology of the future, Augmented Reality is one such form of technology upon which top notch brands and companies of the world are dreaming big.

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