Remember that these fish get big, usually 5 to 7 inches in diameter if you’re doing things right. @maaz,discus grows is in your tank.if you do proper water change and provide protein diet then discus can grow rapidly.generally,discus matures and becomes adult with in 14 months. School Size. Many people ask what tank size that they will need. Bigger is always better, so we personally recommend a 75-gallon aquarium or larger. Discus are beautiful tropical fish, and they make great additions to a home aquarium. They are small in size but require plenty of swimming space and enjoy being in a large aquarium with lots of greenery and gravel substrate. The bigger the tank the better, but I would advise a minimum tank size of 300 liters (~80g). since your tank is too small for discus,there is no need to add any filter there.but when your discus will be the size of 3.5 inch then please shift your discus into a bigger tank. Discus fish can take up a lot of space. But if you want to have more discus fish (let’s say 5), you need to make sure that the tank is at least 50 gallons large. What is the Minimum Tank Size for Discus Fish? Before buying some of these big and round beauties, you need to know how to properly care for Discus fish. What Size Tank Do You Need for Discus? Take into consideration that the bigger the aquarium tank means the more maintenance and water amount changes, nevertheless, the bigger the tank the happier Discus fishes are and the more beautiful the tank look. The size of the tank determines how many Discus fish will go in with a minimum of 5 Discus for a 50-gallon tank. How Big Of A Tank Do I Need For Discus? Tank Size. You can do a 55-gallon tank, but then you’re forced to do a lot of water changes. If you want to keep your fish as happy as possible, try to provide at least 10 gallons of space for one discus fish. The smallest tank size of capacity ranging between 50-60 gallons, provides the best environment for your Discus. Most people keep discus in 400 litres and more so that they can grow big. Contrary to popular view, a larger size tank is much easier to clean than a smaller size tank. Size. I find they grow best in smaller tanks; 30 to 50 gallon tanks work great. Discus do best in a group of 6, having less can encourage fighting and stress. As a baby, discus will secrete a hormone that stops them from growing. The vibrant rainbow fish are peaceful, yet active and get along well with the non-aggressive but timid species of discus.

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