Those are good, too. These guns deserve a spot in your arsenal. Slot 2: Multikill Clip or Rampage or Dragonfly. Top 10 Destiny 2 Best Exotic Weapons for PvP Slay your enemies with the best Exotics guns in Destiny 2 Nothing feels as good as seeing that golden engram fall of the strike boss you just defeated. Best Destiny 2 Bows All 14 bows ranked (as of August 2020) By Ric aka Primatrix | Aug 4, 2020. This Destiny 2 Best PVP weapons list includes the top PVP Primary, Special and Heavy guns. It's got a big mag, huge range, built-in Outlaw thanks to Firefly (an exclusive kinetic version of Dragonfly), and a unique damage perk called Memento Mori which adds yet more damage and range to your shots when you reload after a kill. Updated September 18th, … You can probably see where this is going: a single shot can wipe out an entire group of enemies, and that never gets old. Recommended roll: Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Slot 1: Feeding Frenzy To get it, pick up the quest at Zavala and complete a ton of Strikes while getting machine gun and Solar kills. And the list goes on. Recommended roll: Slot 2: Red rune. If you've played Destiny 2 you will have heard of Recluse. Forges can now be accessed through a playlist in the EDZ, so it really doesn't take that long to complete a weapon bounty. Trench Barrel gives you a three-shot damage buff after a melee strike, and Grave Robber reloads your gun after a melee kill, so you can see how things can get nasty in close quarters. Ad - Comments (0) + Comments (0) Top Newest Oldest. The Best Destiny 2 PVE Weapons These are the most popular weapons used for end-game PVE content, such as Master and Grandmaster Nightfall: The Ordeals, Master Nightmare Hunts, Raids, and the Pit of Heresy Dungeon. Destiny 2 saw a range of new weapons being released with the new expansion pack, and these are the best of the lot. You can pair Feeding Frenzy or Field Prep with Rampage or Demolitionist, and there's not a bad combination among them. To partially solve the loot problem currently plaguing the game, Bungie added and removed several weapons to the World loot pool. Slot 2: Quickdraw or Fourth Time's the Charm, Rune combination: You will receive a verification email shortly. This stacks up to six times so those blinding grenades can do heavy damage, too. It chews through anything at close-to-mid-range, and it's fairly easy to get. It's got high reload speed to begin with, and Rapid Hit or Outlaw will crank that to 11. To do so, grab the quest from the Drifter and play lots of Gambit while getting auto rifle kills. Just follow the prompts in your quest tab. Slot 1: Field Prep Destiny 2 is overflowing with good shotguns, but the flexibility and availability of Imperial Decree makes it a great pick. Find out more, including how to join, here. That said, Outlaw + Multikill Clip or Outlaw + Rampage is every bit as powerful on this scout rifle as it is on guns like Austringer. Complete Ada's daily and weekly bounties to earn materials to spend on weapon-specific bounties. We couldn't possibly cover every good weapon in this list, so we focused on ones that can be acquired through easy or straightforward means. I recommend the popular Outlaw + Rampage roll, but Austringer is also one of the few hand cannons which can roll Demolitionist, which refunds grenade energy on kills. Slot 1: Grave Robber or Feeding Frenzy Slot 2: Full Court, Essence guide: Destiny 2 Bound Manacle location. Beyond Light has been an excellent Expansion so far. Best Legendary Weapons for PvP in Destiny 2. Oh, and did I mention the chain lighting rounds? That role is add clear, and Edgewise does it better than just about everything, with the possible exception of Delirium 21%. It's a perk worth using, especially given the grenade Artifact mods in Shadowkeep. Slot 1: Feeding Frenzy or Outlaw Recommended roll: Unlike Dragonfly, its exotic perk doesn't require headshots to make enemies explode, and this includes things killed by its own explosions. There are plenty of other rewarding activities out there, though, so here's a quick roundup of some other fantastic guns and where they come from: Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors. Our Top PVP Weapons and Top PVE Weapons guides cover the best legendary weapons in Destiny 2 in great detail. That makes ranking them a bit easier. If you simply want to know what this means to you in-game, the table below includes every single viable legendary weapon (e.g. The meta is … Finally, Field Prep gives you more ammo and faster reloading, making it another staple perk for boss killers.

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