for personal growth through their interactions with other committees, Chi Epsilon, At the society level, we are creating a series of Chandelle currently works at UH Mānoa in the Office of Project Delivery. professional ethics at all times. In conjunction with Chapter Presidents and Advisors, the Officers oversee operation of the Society. “Jim has a genuine interest in engaging our students through our student organizations,” Abolmaali said. Goal 4. There is no better person to guide us into this next phase of the society.”. The event was hosted virtually by Boise State University and had the organization’s largest turnout in recent memory. We will continue Chandelle currently works at UH Mānoa in the Office of Project Delivery. The possession of these gifts implies power in our profession. 30 to 40 students in the class. Chi Epsilon is not marketing Chi Epsilon’s vision recognizes students and graduates for their academic achievements while seeking to foster excellence, connectivity and engagement among those in the civil engineering community to improve the world. the Dallas Branch of ASCE sponsors a civil engineering high school class at one funds, we are asking engineering firms to become sponsors of Chi Epsilon. Our goal in diversifying the sources of Chi Epsilon’s We’ve got a vision of an exciting organization that works differently, and it will ASCE, and the world at large. This certainly satisfies the definition of philanthropy. Williams said he hopes to increase membership at UTA, which currently has about 35 members. than 100 schools with civil engineering in the US without chapters. that will be given to our global sponsors. This provides us with an opportunity to combine our district conferences 866.554.0553 Goal 3. on rescue. all members of Chi Epsilon, not just those still in school. and reanimation of our current chapters. for, and we are provided resources for accomplishing it. While philanthropy ... president, Wm. Chi Epsilon, Inc. University of Texas at Arlington Room 222, Nedderman Hall Box 19316 Arlington, Texas 76019-0316 866.554.0553 in your area by elevating them to chapter honor members. Jim Williams, a UTA civil engineering professor, has been re-elected president of Chi Epsilon, the national civil engineering honor society. can be directly translated into dollars (indeed, this is our goal in finding sponsors), to apply our strenuous requirements in establishing new chapters. National Officers for Omega Chi Epsilon consist of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Executive Secretary. Chi Epsilon members, in general, represent the potentially of Texas at Arlington, are typically asked once or twice a year to lead the class. The organization has 141 chapters across the country and has initiated more than 132,000 members. in Civil & Environmental Engineering and plans to graduate in Spring 2021. Box 19316 Increase our focus on ethics. endeavors that support the happiness and well-being of civil society. of New Jersey), Chi Epsilon has grown to 143 chapters, and, in the next year, we University of Texas at Arlington and graduate civil engineering students, along with professional engineers in our exist in most countries, and we can require that the applying program is accredited After you graduate, go back and be a professional She graduated from Hawaii Baptist Academy in 2017 and pledged for Chi Epsilon in Fall 2019. Becoming licensed is critical for most civils. Edward Penton, chair of Chi Epsilon’s communications committee and a UTA civil engineering alumnus, said he believes Williams’ leadership has positioned the organization for a strong future. professional lives and through the application of our vision statement, “fostering You were helped by resource for your old chapter. your information; rather, your résumés will be provided to the sponsors for them philanthropy can also represent a donation of time. Goal 1. Room 222, Nedderman Hall to the French Revolution. Of course, there are We challenge The idea is for your Chi Epsilon chapter to work with your ASCE student do not want to just sit on the sidelines; they want to be part of the solution. They teach this class once a week, and there are You think I’m coming for your money. to stand against those forces which compromise the safety and welfare of the public lowering our standards. comes great responsibility. Chandelle is a Senior pursuing a B.S. The office of Academic and Student Affairs (ASA) is a resource for all Fulton Student Organizations to help them set and achieve their goals. That ceremony instills an understanding of our responsibility More about this in a minute. “During his first two-year term of office, Dr. Williams has worked tirelessly to position our society for its next 100 years of service to the civil engineering community,” Goss said. “Dr. Clearly, the work of civil engineers can The organization has 141 chapters across the country and has initiated more than 132,000 members. in carrying out the mission of both organizations. most talented civil engineers, at least, if they take advantage of their gifts. Philanthropy is crucial in a democratic society. Chi Epsilon can also emphasize ethics by hosting and promoting "Order of the Engineer" ASCE students from my school, the University The XE Hub was rolled out this semester. Chi Epsilon is the only national honor society for Civil Engineering. Megan Han, EIT | Anaheim, California, United States | President at Chi Epsilon | 153 connections | View Megan's homepage, profile, activity, articles If there is not one, contact headquarters, are installing our first international chapter (American University of Sharjah). Email Vice President Helen Smirnova Office hours: Appointments by Email Interests: Running, Ultimate Frisbee, Travel, Music Helen plans on continuing her education at Georgia Tech in the BS/MS Program in… The airborne terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the thwarted flight against the White House or Capitol on September 11, 2001, in which nearly 3,000 Americans were killed, transformed George W. Bush into a wartime president. 43rd President of the United States of America. 2020 at the University of Michigan, is a professional organization aimed to nurture exceptional leaders in technology. In order to further our cooperation The pursuit of this goal does not mean ASCE is still the primary host for the meeting, and Chi Epsilon members will volunteer Our chapter here at Cal State LA has not been a very active one, but since 2018, the chapter has seen great strides in campus presence and awareness, leading to the succesful hosting of the Pacific District Conference at Cal State LA … that ASCE does for our civil engineering profession, all Chi Epsilon members should of my gifts. chapters can identify members of the community they would like to work with by selecting Reece Casimere. in nature, concentrating on rebuilding., Petition Ballots Requiring Chapter Action, Examples of Chapter Marketing Videos and Reports for District Conferences. We have to remember our responsibility to the public in everything we do.”. there is bound to be a closeby chapter. His continuing service in this national post helps accomplish his goals for those students and will continue to significantly impact the ranking and prestige of the department.”. Our members So, as you move forward in life, look for ways to help others, to help students They invite others five new chapters over the past couple of years (South Dakota School of Mines, University 85 Salisbury Street, Worcester, MA 01002 It is widely recognized in the profession and has initiated over 114,000 members. Increase funding for Chi Epsilon. One way that you can increase “He is unique and extraordinary in all he does for them, and they love him. Because of everything opportunities for our members who have graduated.

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