Winsor & Newton, Golden, and Liquitex offer great formulas for both professional artists and hobbyists. Not as black as Ivory Black, it has a firm feeling under the brush and good flow." Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Carbon Black - Wash 3. Mars black, which has both medium tint strength and medium sheen, (neither matt nor gloss), is a good all-round black suitable for most applications. Goldens Website Mars Black M Graham Oil Synthetic Iron Oxide PBk 11 "Mars Black 115 is the most opaque black with a neutral tint. Mars Black Golden Acrylic Synthetic Black Iron Oxide PBk 11 "Somewhat warmer than Carbon Black, made with black iron oxide." Mars Black - Wash 6. Pages: 1 2. The top colour is Carbon Black which is a very strong pigment and is also very neutral as we can observe when it is used to mix greys or thinned out as a glaze. Carbon Black with Titanium White 4. Carbon Black, Lamp Black, and Mars Black appear to be free from animal products but you may want to check with the manufacturer to make sure before you buy them. Comparing Carbon Black to Mars Black. M Graham Website Mars Black Winsor & Newton Oil … Carbon Black - Mass Tone 2. Additionally, besides their vast array of colors, bewteen the three brands there are several shades of black to choose from. 1. Golden states that their Carbon Black is made from the soot of burning gas. Mars Black with Titanium White 7. Mars Black - Mass Tone 5. Ivory Black, Lamp Black, Carbon Black, Bone Black and Mars Black.

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