Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo. Anthropology and Geography • Art and Design • Child Development • Communication Studies • Comparative Ethnic Studies • English • Graphic Communication • History • Interdisciplinary Studies • Journalism • Liberal Arts & Engineering Studies • Music • Philosophy • Political Science • Psychology • Sociology • Spanish • Theatre Arts, Location: Building 25, Room 229C While changing your major may be possible, we recommend you explore majors thoroughly before making your choice. AEPS 120. To view our site, you have to enable Javascript. Mission Statement on Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Majors & Degrees As one of only seven polytechnic universities nationwide, Cal Poly Pomona is known for its learn-by-doing philosophy. BOT 121. The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs through its academic colleges as well as community access to traditional extension programs through the … Catalog Home. Cal Poly's six academic colleges offer more than 60 undergraduate majors and over 50 graduate programs. Cal Poly’s six academic colleges offer more than 60 majors for you to consider. Please enable javascript now. The BioResource and Agricultural Engineering major at Cal Poly offers hands-on experience in a wide range of engineering skill areas including irrigation, mechanical design, structures, agricultural safety, renewable energy and waste treatment, electronics and control systems, and resource information systems. The College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences (CAFES) offers degrees in sustainable agriculture, food systems, and the environmental and life sciences. more about College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences. From the first day on campus, students are immersed in a project- and design-centered curriculum that stresses teamwork and collaboration across disciplines. Students must be able to complete degree requirements in the new major within the published unit maximum for that major. The College of Liberal Arts houses fifteen departments offering programs in the humanities, social sciences, communications and performing arts that share focus on the evolving nature of human experience and expression in the modern world. Phone: 805-756-2705. You can make a gift without viewing our site by visiting, We strive to have websites that are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Research is central to students' education and gives them extensive opportunities to work closely with both faculty and industry on innovative, real-world projects. More About the College of Architecture and Environmental Design. There are over 300 unique student organizations at Cal Poly! Diversity & Inclusion. A national leader in engineering education, the College of Engineering promotes project-based learning to link theory with hands-on practice to solve the future’s most pressing technical challenges. Cal Poly’s Industrial Technology and Packaging Area incorporates a broad range of technical skills and business management knowledge to cultivate creative industry leaders. Attending club meetings, especially related to your major or career interests, can introduce you to other students who share your interests, help you get involved in related projects, and meet employers who … A2 GE In addition to: AC: MATH 118 or STAT 218. AEPS 120. Agricultural and Environmental Plant Sciences • Agricultural Business • Agricultural Communication • Agricultural Science • Agricultural Systems Management • Animal Science • BioResource and Agricultural Engineering • Dairy Science • Environmental Earth and Soil Sciences • Environmental Management and Protection • Food Science • Forestry and Natural Resources • Nutrition • Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration • Wine and Viticulture, Location: Building 5, Room 212 Location: Building 11, Room 211 AEPS: MATH 118 or STAT 218. SS 121. No course grade during the two-quarter ICMA period may fall below a C–. The area offers a major and two minors in either industrial technology or packaging. The College of Science and Mathematics' (CSM) focus on hands-on learning allows students to discover answers to questions no one has asked before. With a focus on creative thinking, understanding of self and others, global awareness and innovative action, the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) prepares students to thrive academically and professionally. Skip to Content? The Orfalea College of Business (OCOB) prepares career-ready business leaders through hands-on discovery and dedicated mentorship. 2020-2021 Catalog . The most popular undergraduate major at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo is Business Administration and Management followed by Mechanical Engineering and Agricultural Business and Management. STAT 251. Cal Poly Global Site Tag. Maps ; Academic Affairs. AGC 207. Toggle Navigation Toggle Navigation. One of the nation’s most prestigious undergraduate agriculture programs, the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences takes you into the field, the farm and the forest to apply cutting-edge techniques to the ancient challenge of feeding a growing society. SS 121 AGB: AGB 212 or AGB 214. By combining the classroom with hands-on learning opportunities, our students develop a capacity for critical thought and the ability to translate theory into real life. A minimum of 12 graded units in PSY courses, at Cal Poly, with a 3.5 major GPA. Business Administration • Economics • Industrial Technology and Packaging, Location: Building 192, Room 301 More about the Orfalea College of Business. Biochemistry • Biological Sciences • Chemistry • Kinesiology • Liberal Studies • Marine Sciences • Mathematics • Microbiology • Physics • Public Health • Statistics, © 2020 California Polytechnic State University    San Luis Obispo, California 93407Phone: 805-756-1111. To find out more information, such as required courses and career opportunities, visit … Majors & Degrees As one of only seven polytechnic universities nationwide, Cal Poly Pomona is known for its learn-by-doing philosophy. Cal Poly is located in tiłhini, the Place of the Full Moon. Home; Provost Office; Academic Areas; Administrative Areas; Academic Affairs Roster; Contact; Home: Academic Areas. Major Website. A list of all 67 available majors and annual graduates is presented below. At the Orfalea College of Business, you gain expertise in the fields of management, finance, economics and entrepreneurship by working with real companies in your community and developing your own business ideas. Two consecutive term GPA’s of 2.8 with at least 12 units per quarter. The College of Architecture and Environmental Design offers a hands-on approach to working in all aspects of the built environment, from designing homes and gardens to planning cities. Rows. Catalog Home: Programs A-Z; Programs A-Z. Google Tag Manager. BIO 111 or BIO 161. Current Students; Prospective Students; Parents; Business Community; Faculty & Staff; Alumni; my CalPoly login. Phone: 805-756-2161. Colleges and Majors. CHEM 110 or BRAE 141. The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs through its academic colleges as well as community access to traditional extension programs through the … The College of Science and Mathematics prepares you to become a leader in an increasingly scientific and technological society through education, research and practical experience. Phone: 805-756-2359. Aerospace Engineering • Biomedical Engineering • Civil Engineering • Computer Engineering • Computer Science • Electrical Engineering • Environmental Engineering • General Engineering • Industrial Engineering • Manufacturing Engineering • Materials Engineering • Mechanical Engineering • Software Engineering, Location: Building 47, Room 31 Phone: 805-756-2226. JOUR 205. Content. The College of Engineering (CENG) prepares California's next generation of leaders in engineering and technology. Catalog Home; Catalog Index; Colleges & Departments; Programs A-Z; Courses A-Z; Degree Flowcharts; Search Catalog. Situated minutes from the Pacific Ocean on California's Central Coast, Cal Poly has a private research pier, several research vessels, a flow-through seawater system and many other resources on-campus that make us an ideal location for training the next generation of marine scientists. Majors Courses blocked either Winter or Spring; All Majors: A1 GE. Intro. We require you to declare a major on your application in order to maximize your experience in your chosen field from Day One. It is a broadly-applicable major, ideal for students interested in a liberal arts education grounded in a rich history of communication but also flexible in its approach to technological change. The university has established the following general requirements for major change: Students must complete at least one quarter at Cal Poly before entering into a change of major agreement. About the Program. Cal Poly's six academic colleges offer more than 60 undergraduate majors and over 50 graduate programs. More about the College of Science and Mathematics. If you want to study famous speeches, the effects of media content on specific audiences, intercultural dynamics and a host of other topics, there is a place for you in this major.

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