Facebook: How Do I Make An Announcement in a Group I Admin? 294K likes. 'To Bump' something is to snort a drug. You may even see it multiple times on the same post. "Bump" is a response on Facebook and other threaded sites intended to bring the post back to the top of the list. If the guidelines for a Facebook group have changed, for instance, a member or moderator might bump the post to make sure everyone gets the chance to see it. In the traditional sense of the word, bumping means to knock or run into someone or something. Although the algorithm for the Facebook newsfeed is more complicated, more comments and user interaction generally increases the potential audience for an individual's post as well. It should remain at the top. Bumping only moves a post to the top temporarily. According to Urban Dictionary, "bump" may also be an acronym for "bring up my post.". Many forums or other social media sites, including Facebook groups, are organized chronologically by the last comment received on a post. But what does bump mean on Facebook? LittleCPU: Facebook - Trick to Bump (Move Up) Your Post. You're scrolling through your favorite Facebook group and in comments, you see the word "Bump." Great answers below. Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? You're scrolling through your favorite Facebook group and in comments, you see the word "Bump." Often this behavior is reserved for a post that can be helpful to the community at large. Whether it's in a Facebook group or an online forum, bumping a post merely means posting a comment that moves the post to the top. BUMP to bring up somebody's post typically by posting the word "bump" on a message board Can also stand for Bring Up My Post However, for moderators and admins, pinning a post to the top may be a more effective way to keep an important post active. Digiday: Interest in Facebook Groups is High, but Growth is Slow for Brands. Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha. No one will see that you commented on it and you'll have achieved your goal of keeping the post visible. "Bump" is a response on Facebook and other threaded sites intended to bring the post back to the top of the list. Posts and their comments in those days were known as "threads," and the thread with the most recent comments added to it would appear at the top. I’ve also seen using a single or few dots … (ellipses) but I would like to add to all the answers here - that people selling on Facebook and in groups need to learn how to do this. By commenting on an important post, community members could make sure it remained toward the top, rather than buried among past posts. A pinned post, on the other hand, stays at the top until someone in charge unpins it. To increase potential viewership, users may add a "bump" comment to their posts (or another post they want more people to see) to put it back at the top of a list. As soon as comments begin appearing on other posts, that bumped post will move down until once again, someone will need to bump it. Some claim that it is an acronym of "bring up my post," but this explanation was probably invented after the practice of bumping became popular. Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?! The Bump empowers and keeps parents ahead of the curve with the latest pregnancy and parenting news. As Facebook groups have grown in popularity, bumping has become more visible. Most Common Bump Meaning. ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. Today, you'll most commonly see bumping on Facebook. To have 'A Bump' is to snort a small, conveniant amount of the above substances. One way to bump a post secretly is to comment on the post, verify it's gone to the top, then delete your comment.

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