Follow this to the left and as you reach the corner a firemen will appear. 2. When she dies, all of the spawned enemies will die as well, however she usually stays at the back of the battlefield or stays very mobile moving from place to place, making shooting her difficult without being shot to pieces by her thralls. This is interesting - could anyone explain more about where in game this is? Note that there is plenty of cover available and if you are the standoffish type the tear with the sniper rifle will give you the option to take her down from afar. Return to where the fireman we just killed came from and follow this path. The Achievement is worth 25 Gamerscore and the Trophy is silver. The other places are: 1. The siren is one of the tougher enemies you will encounter in the game. An additional 8-10 Vox soldiers will pour out after them. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, enter the door to the right marked ‘Hudson’s’. Now go over to the crank gun tear and look near the flames to the left for a lock pick kit. Duke and Dimwit Theatre 3. Once they are all dead a fireman will show up, so use the sky-lines and tears as you deem appropriate to sort them all out. Look on the desk here for a lock picking kit and another Vox code. When ready exit the shop and continue down the next few sets of stairs. Remember to hit her with traps when she pauses to resurrect so that she and her underlings will take damage. Press J to jump to the feed. The player will have to kill 10 enemies with environmental hazards: Fireworks, Oil Slick, Tesla Coil, or Water Puddle. Is something supposed to happen besides the game going back to the menu? This will unlock a secret room nearby that contains an INFUSION UPGRADE (Infusion 3/3), a lock pick bag and a VOXOPHONE ‘The Imagination of God’ (Voxophone 5/8). Have Elizabeth open it for you. At the top enter the open door to a bedroom. There is an INFUSION UPGRADE (Infusion 2/3) inside. Crate of medical kits on the street right of the central platform. Enter the door directly in front of you and then go up the stairs to your right. You will reach another street. Ignore the tear here for a moment and enter the open door to the right. Elizabeth will point out the ‘Our Lady’ tomb. This one Elizabeth can unlock (requires 3 lock picks). A good tactic is to throw Devil’s Kiss or Shock Jockey traps at her whilst she is stationary and reviving enemies as when the enemies hit the floor, they will also activate the trap damaging her and killing or wounding almost all of them in the process. Exit this room via the other door and follow this corridor until you enter the small office room at the end. As soon as the door is open you will see a siren resurrecting some enemies. Follow the path here and on the second desk on the left you will find a lock pick kit. Backtrack out of the bank and exit to the thoroughfare. Exit to the street again and continue down the stairs. Jump over to this. Press J to jump to the feed. Approach the female statue in front of the building and a conversation with Elizabeth will play out. When she is dead, return to the far end of the main hall and ride the elevator back up to the bank. Hazard Pay is an Achievement/Trophy in BioShock Infinite. As we head over to it, you will see a few tears around and that means fighting is bound to occur. As you enter, grab the lock pick sitting on the pillar at the back right and follow the path to the left. Here you will encounter a new enemy – the Siren. Crate of medical kits on the street right of the central platform. The game features four levels, as well as the Columbian Archeological Society, a hub the player can explore. Once they disappear, go up to the tomb at the top of the hill behind them. Once you have the CODE BOOK, head around behind the desk and after Elizabeth tells you what to do, interact with the type writer.

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